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Dominique Dickey and I just released our tabletop rpg Tomorrow on Revelation III

Tomorrow on Revelation III is a roleplaying game about surviving and overcoming capitalism in a future among the stars. Four hundred years from now, aerospace corporations have traversed the galaxy, colonizing this solar system and ones beyond, and constructed space stations to create robust sites of manufacturing, mining, and other industrial activities. You live on the heavily stratified agricultural station Revelation III, where the deck you’re born on determines your profession, privileges, and possibilities. But beyond the monotonous work of daily life, you make time for other work: work towards a better existence.

Tomorrow on Revelation III uses an original game system with 3 stats and simple rolls that require only a d10. Characters are customizable using 12 backgrounds, which determine which deck of the station they’re from, as well as guiding their base stats and determining their traits. Backgrounds include Agriculture Worker, Administrator, Freight Worker, and more. The text includes 14 additional traits, as well as guidance on creating your own.

Tomorrow on Revelation III also includes:

🚀 Advice on ensuring safe and comfortable gameplay for everyone at the table.
🚀 A GM Guide with tips for running the game.
🚀4 ready-to-play mission modules addressing a plethora of issues aboard the station.
🚀5 pre-generated characters equipped with backgrounds, traits, and stats.

I got to play this today and it was an absolute delight! The character creation and simple mechanics made it easy to dive right in with our piracy adventure, and the altitude/pushing your luck mechanic made me feel very emboldened to make extremely dramatic choices. Loved playing and definitely planning on running it in the future.

Finally had the opportunity to run this game last night and it was so wonderful! The players really enjoyed developing their sibling dynamic and the world together (a lot of them were new to games that ask for intentional collective decision-making around setting elements), and the mechanic for seeking insight/question asking in particular levied the narrative into some alternatingly hilarious and intense cathartic directions. This had been planned one-shot, but we'll be expanding into a short campaign.

I just released a new tabletop game called Those of Us Who Know Better, in which you play trans superheroes whose powers come at a price. It is for 2-5 players and 1 GM, and supports both one-shots and campaign play. The game includes a 21-page Core Book, a 17-page Starter Adventure, and a fillable character sheet.

Those of Us Who Know Better includes:

  • An original game system with 5 stats, simple mechanics, entirely customizable characters, and simple rolls that require only a D10 die.
  • Options for powers and prices that alter the characters' base stats, enormously shifting their success potential with consequences both predictable and unexpected.
  • Simple combat mechanics that function as a means of resolution for rapidly occurring events, rather than forcing the players to choose violence.
  • A GM guide with tips for running the game.
  • An FAQ for cis people, so you don't have to ask your trans friends. 
  • A single-page play aid. 

I ran The Little Mx. Scare-All Pageant adventure with a group of six a few weeks back and we all had a blast. It involved a lot of Visigoths flirting with Mall Goth-aligned clerks, fainting goat drama, and queer accessorizing. And someone wrote a full poem for the pageant at the end! 

It was my first time playing or running the game, and I'd run it again in a heartbeat: extremely manageable and extremely fun. 

I released my first tabletop game a few days ago, titled Bring Down the Housein which you are a ghost trapped in a haunted objected trying to rid your home of its human occupants so you can once again roam free. It's a simple mechanics, low prep,  fairly goofy horror game and I hope you'll check it out!

You are a GHOST who haunts an EXTREMELY CURSED MANSION. Where there are no humans present, you can travel the grounds freely in your spirit form. But as soon as someone sets foot on the premises, you are CONFINED TO AN OBJECT. The previous occupants of your home DIED UNDER CURIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES that you DEFINITELY HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH, and for a time you roamed unrestricted. But NEWCOMERS HAVE ARRIVED, and you are once again TRAPPED. If you want to regain what passed for freedom in the afterlife, you'll need to GET RID OF way or another.