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I am really liking the VN so far! The art style is so pretty and I am already in love with all 3 love interests (I'm having such a hard time choosing between them but i'm currently leaning towards seth!) I am super excited about how the story will turn out in the future! (Also the title pic alone is super rad looking!)

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omg, i played the classic ver when it first came out and i am so happy the extended ver is here! I finally had a chance to play it today and it's even more amazing than the original

Also, I am IN LOVE with the UI design and how overly childish and cutesy it is in contrast with certain scenes. But it can still do creepy like during the opening and credits

And as much as I like Jack, I just love Shaun so much

 (*SPOILER* and that one customer but man poor guy, I was hoping he had a bigger role, he was such a cutie and absolutely my type) but, I hope to see even more of Shaun soon!

oKAY SO, I found this on steam recommended to me and like, i saw it on here and wanted to ramble about it here.

i have fallen in love with micah, like, i just adore that skrunkly boy and his skrunkle cat

First off, love that the creator is SEA and queer (as I am too) and that this game was inspired by "Our Life", it is my number 1 most fav VN and i can see the inspiration in it in this game

Second, micah has such an enjoyable personality and i was shocked to see some of my likes match up with his (*SPOILER* like, about the flowers, i actually also really love lilly of the valley and it would have been really funny if there was an option for us not only having the same love language but also the same fav flower)

Also, the banter between characters feel very natural and the mc personally feels similar to me despite the limited choices in this demo.

I absolutely hope this game kicks off because i honestly adore everything about it and would love to see more of this story and Micah, 

I’ve seen this game around when scrolling through for IFs but never had a chance to play it and now i regret not playing sooner cus the aesthetics and the writing is simply immaculate 

I love the amount of detail in demon customization, especially in aesthetics, I cant wait to play as two different Zorloks with the exact opposite fashion taste (Goth and sweet pastel)

I can’t bring myself to be a complete asshole to tommy so he’s just gunna have two overprotective parents on both playthroughs

omg as a fellow nonbinary person, i am in love with the character creation, it’s very detailed and I’m always a sucker for being able to choose aesthetics

I'm super in love with the artstyle! it's very simplistic but each of the characters are uniquely designed.

I especially have a soft spot for Alan (which may be my demise but that's a risk im willing to take)

(also, the part where you say your zodiac is missing two signs so i couldn't say my personal sign: Taurus *sob*)

i was so in the zone of playing this game that i practically finished it in a snap! I love the characters and story so far and cant wait to get to know more about them!

one thing i would add is to also add the description appearances (if there were set appearances) of the characters in the relationship tab with what they think of mc so it looks less empty feeling, plus im personally forgetful and need a refresher on how they look to get the right image in my head if they already don’t have pics.

this is such a good game, i wished it was longer so we could get to know the characters even more

(Also, damn my constant people pleasing nature for getting me will’s bad end first thing.)

I made chthulu's family and it was adorable