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oKAY SO, I found this on steam recommended to me and like, i saw it on here and wanted to ramble about it here.

i have fallen in love with micah, like, i just adore that skrunkly boy and his skrunkle cat

First off, love that the creator is SEA and queer (as I am too) and that this game was inspired by "Our Life", it is my number 1 most fav VN and i can see the inspiration in it in this game

Second, micah has such an enjoyable personality and i was shocked to see some of my likes match up with his (*SPOILER* like, about the flowers, i actually also really love lilly of the valley and it would have been really funny if there was an option for us not only having the same love language but also the same fav flower)

Also, the banter between characters feel very natural and the mc personally feels similar to me despite the limited choices in this demo.

I absolutely hope this game kicks off because i honestly adore everything about it and would love to see more of this story and Micah,