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Thanks so much! I can see how the circus bit may cause some dizziness haha, lots of colors!

Thanks so much for playing our game! Sorry that the carnival segment wasn’t your favorite but we’re very happy to hear that you enjoyed the other parts of the game :) 

Thank you so much! We’re very happy you liked our game!

Thanks so much for playing our game! 

P.S. With a running start, Quinn should be able to make it over the electric fields ;)

Thanks so much! Happy you liked our game. We’re a group of student devs so we aren’t too familiar with (proper) key binding. We were also trying to experiment with implementing different mechanics with this game. We’ll work on a more streamlined set of controls for our next game :) thanks for the feedback!

Try holding down shift to give Quinn a running start. 

We’re working on a patch at the moment to update the controls page to let players know that they can hold shift to run. 

8 :)