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Yay, I got to my bed.  I like the mood - the music and graphics fit together well.  Maybe add the double-click tip to the instruction?  And it's my fault for not noticing the light is clickable.

I get run over by a car if I don't find a bench to sit on.  But if I do find a bench to sit on, I'm stuck there.

Seconded what nebbish said.

The first level is fun. I don't understand the second level.  I think I'm supposed to collect the yellow dots?  But I invariably end up on the outside edge with some dots still in the middle that I can't get back to.

Why is an angel-dog herding sky-sheep to collect balloons?  I don't know, but it's funny and fun.

A nice little game, but very difficult.  I couldn't get past the 4th screen because it was hard to time the brick columns coming back up.

I liked the concept and the voxels.  And the manual, but I think an in-game hint to push 'tab' would help the people who don't read manuals.

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I liked the graphics the best out of the Jam, and the game adhered to the themes and constraint really well.

I found the game play to be a little difficult and thought the hit-boxes for failing a jump are a little too big.

Thanks for the feedback. 

I was already working on it and released an update with smoother running animation and the challenges only happen every 2 miles.

I introduced a stealth bug into the game in the last moment and spent two hours finding it and fixing it.  The game should finish now.