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this was so cute and sexy <333 thank you for making these games

Loved this game <33 i played it a while ago and its just so cute ❤

Ok so this just so cute and i love it !!!! amazing work !!!


I finished the game and it's promising! but I don't really like the physics of the character, it seems very heavy when you jump, and the fall speed is too fast, but it can be improved, I'm looking forward to see more!

Yeah don't worry it's understandable, it's already nice to answer!  I can' t wait to see the next part of this game ! Good luck !
(btw it looks BEAUTIFUL)

Ho thank you for the advice!! I will be able to continue the demo this way!!!

Im having a problem with the Switch Pro Controller, this is the same problem as the other post:
-couldn't select to the left through the battle menu
-Lint's brainstorming attack  was broken, couldn't do anything and whas stuck there...

I don't know if the keybord controls are optimal, so its a bit sad that i can't continue this beautiful looking game. 

will there be a patch for the demo ?