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Hi there, thanks for the report, and sorry for the delay (been traveling the past few weeks so unable to code!)

You are correct that itch.io and www.toomanychefs.party were running two different versions. My apologies! I've updated the game to be the same version on all sites, so the special characters should now be removed. Thanks for your patience and all the bug reports!

That's not a bad idea, but requires a bit of work implementation-wise. I ended up just replacing the ? and :'( characters with text. Hope you can enjoy the rest of the game!

Thanks for the help and sorry for the delay! I've been busy with one of my newer projects and haven't had much time to debug.

I don't listen to keypress because this game is unique in that it needs to know ALL keys pressed at a time. Unfortunately, keypress only fires on the last key that was pressed; so if someone was holding A and then pressed B, only B would be registered.

I have a custom keyboard util that knows when shift is pressed, so I actually only need the keycode for the keys that turn into ? and : with shift pressed. The only issue is that these keys are different on different keyboards, so I'd have to whitelist all of them-- which may lead to weird combinations accidentally triggering a different key.

PS: If you're interested and technically inclined, you can find the source code here. Happy to accept pull requests.

Thanks for the kind words! Sorry about the issues with German keyboard layout-- since release, I've discovered a lot of interesting localization problems I'd never even considered before.

Unfortunately, I don't have a German keyboard, so it's difficult to debug. Can you help me out by sending me the number codes for each of the special keys? http://keycode.info/ You can post here or email them to chef@toomanychefs.party. Thanks a lot!

PS: As a temporary solution, you can try to press Shift+; for ":" and Shift+/ for "?" (these are the key combinations for a standard QWERTY keyboard).

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This was built from scratch in HTML and Javascript using the React framework :)

It's open-sourced on GitHub and I'd be happy to accept new levels that other people want to create.

Thanks, and I'm glad you enjoyed it! I don't want to get your hopes up with a new level as I've moved onto other projects, but you can always replay levels and switch roles with your friends (quadruple the content!)