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Hi! In case this is genuine, this is a Tabletop RPG—it's a pen and paper game! The PDF contains the rules for the game, which the players follow together with dice to play. Not terribly unlike playing a board game, but with more of a focus on constructing and playing out a narrative.

You are too kind! Thank you for your thoughtful review of HoL, and we are so glad that you are seemingly enjoying playing it. These are the sorts of comments that make it all feel worth the effort we've put in. Both of us are Fire Emblem mega-fans, and this game is a bit of a love letter to the series; it's delightful to see someone be able to point out all of the little places we've drawn inspiration from. 

Thank you as well for drawing our attention to the typos, we're making note of those so that we can make sure they're fixed for the final release (and we are in the process of hiring an editor to catch any others). If you ever have any other feedback or notice any other issues, please feel free to submit it through our feedback form, too. We check it weekly.

We hope you have a lot of fun with Heroes of Lite!

How funny that you were able to see this before the game was made public! Yes, we had a release date of 8/20 for our community, but I got the listing set up a day in advance just to make everything I had to do day-of a little easier. I was curious whether or not people would be able to see it through the game jam entries page, since we've never done it this way before... now I have my answer!

Glad you think the description is promising, and hope you might check it out now that it's released! 🍵

Yes, the google drive folder contains the game PDF!

Hi!! Sorry for the delay in getting back to you on this--you can definitely use them freely for other non-commercial projects so long as you provide credit! Thank you so much for asking!