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Thank you! I really had fun making this :)

Thank you so much omg, I'm really glad you enjoyed it! <3

Thank you! I'm really glad you enjoyed it :D

Thank you! :D

Loved this! Eels are super cool.

thank you!! And yeah that first time seeing it was wild 

I'm really glad you enjoyed it! :D

hey, I just wanted to say that as a fat butch person who likes women (and Stardew Valley), this meant a lot to me and I appreciate you making it.

... wow, I fell off the edge A LOT. Definitely challenging but fun, I like the design, sound and concept, reminded me of old 80s arcade games, and I love that you based the cats on your real life cats!

Thank you!

Yeah, Bitsy is a bit tricky like that... I tried to limit it to more or less places the cat could theoretically jump to. But hey, like you say, cats don't need to obey gravity. And thank you! :D

This was a lot of fun in a horribly frustrating way (which I'm assuming was intentional!) I haven't actually finished it because after my cat sailed off into the eternal blue yonder I couldn't bear to restart from the beginning, but what I did play was cute and enjoyable. Loved the touch of the little messages on the checkpoints.

Thank you! :D

I can't believe you made this in a few hours! It's cute and fun, I enjoyed it and I'd love to see a few more levels. 

I liked how you used the limitation, the cat is cute and the items were all really clear and readable. The idea of a combat-less dungeon focused on exploring is nice, I'd love to see a bigger game with this sort of concept!

This looks absolutely gorgeous and i enjoyed figuring out the puzzles! Great game.

Fun game, I love the retro look of the graphics and I enjoyed how the cups crash into each other and set off a chain reaction! (The sound was fine for me on the web version, for the record)

I really love this (despite the ending breaking my heart). Cosmo's design is so good and it was really fun running around knocking things over and pushing them off shelves. Can't believe this is only the fourth game you've made, please keep making them!

A cat in constant search of food and attention... seems accurate. Love it, really cute and fun, the food stations and shop are really nice touches!

thank you! I'm glad the colours worked :D

thank you!

The concept of playing as a milk bottle is so funny and cute and dodging the cats is fun, nice game! (I definitely think your cats would still read as cats without the outline, btw, maybe with ears added?)

I really like the idea of this and how you went with something a bit different from the norm, but like others have said I couldn't figure out how to get more resources once they were gone - I'd love to see this a bit more developed though!

I enjoyed this, cute and clever puzzles, some of the levels really made me think and I like how you switch up who you play as!

thank you! bitsy is so fun to work with for games like these.

thank you for playing!

thank you!!

aaah thank you! I'm so glad you liked the ending :D

thank you! Bitsy really works well with this limitation 

Thank you! I love all the tiny cats I've seen in this jam so far :)

Thank you! I'm glad the surprise worked :)

I really enjoyed this! Cute and original idea - I was surprised how hard it was to figure out which Butler I was.

*clack clack*

(thank you!)

this is absolutely delightful and i would like to wish the happy couple all the best in their married life together

thank you so much!! <3

... more crabs?

(thank you omg <3)

thank you! :D

I planted a ton last year - some flourished, others never struggled past the tiny-green-shoot stage, so I think luck probably has a lot to do with it at least for me! And thank you :D

*click clack*

thank you!! <3