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First off, just wanted to say how inspiring it has been to see all of the cool projects coming from this jam! Really excited to check them out. Great work everyone! You super rock!

This jam was just what I needed to cleanse the palate between some bigger dev projects I'm crunching on.'s the skinny and why I'd love your help: I'm bummed that my entry Doom Parade won't be included in the final jam submissions...but there's a good reason for that: I decided pretty early on in the jam to turn it into a full-blown project.

Yesterday I launched a Steam Greenlight campaign for Doom Parade, and I'd love it if you'd take a second to check it out and offer a vote of support! What you see in the trailer is Alpha gameplay, but all of that was created in about 11 days of off-and-on work.

Thanks a bunch!


Hah, awesome! You're the second person who's mentioned that, which prompted me to check out RE:G. Never played it when it came out, but I def see the similarity! Looks like a game I would have loved. :)

Horror combat/defense RPG thingy...still very WIP, but the combat engine works! :)

Funny thing is I didn't realize it was recording the blues I was listening to in the BG! HAh!

If anyone is looking for awesome Game Maker Studio video tutorials and resources, I highly recommend checking out Heartbeast's channel. He focuses more on the code side of things, but he's a wealth of knowledge:

Oh hey, thanks Todd! Nice to see you're on Contently! That's a great freelance jam, once you can lock down steady work through their system (took me a while, but its still one of my steady gigs), it's pretty awesome.

Thanks for the kind words! Love to help folks when I can. It's great, too, to be doing more work on this side of the fence. Game dev has been a very rewarding experience, despite it's many challenges. Definitely having a blast learning and creating this stuff! I'm also a huge pixel art nerd, so this jam is SO super suited for the kind of stuff I love to do. Looking forward to seeing what everyone else is cooking up!

Second RE: GameMaker Studio. It's super newcomer friendly. I started using it more seriously about 2 years ago, just fiddling with drag and drop. Now I do a mix of proper code and dnd (when I'm feeling lazy or just tinkering), and I find I can prototype things SUPER fast with it.

I'm using it for my entry. You can get the free version which has basically all the stuff you need, except export to fancier consoles/platforms.

Nice job! Brrraaaaiiiinnnnsssss