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had a funny glitch with text duplication :)

TIC-80 community · Created a new topic PI version

I'm just leaving this here so I could maybe get updated when the PI version comes out... might rather like having the TIC-80 setup on my zero

as a hobbyist Dev. I've had an idea for how to get pixel perfect data for mouse clicks that might help you some if you're interested:
as you render, go into a separate buffer and draw the same shape of the image but one solid "color" or at least just for things that have a click response... keep track of what color belongs to what object, then just test the "color" at the location of the mouse clicks and boom... effortless pixel perfect clicks... should work with any render method, even something complicated like 3D were bounding boxes and stuff are usually used which i think is a bit ehhh and im sure requires a bit more calculations.

just a general friendly suggestion that might help eventually even if not on this project :)