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I’d love to have vertical connections too - I agree that designing the puzzle graph horizontally doesn’t feel quite right. Unfortunately, the GraphEdit stuff in Godot only works horizontally so it would be a lot more complicated to build everything custom.

Version 1.0.3 has added the unsaved changes check where it should be.

Oh wow, yeah that’s a bug. It looks like it’s not doing the proper check for changes when the shortcuts are used. I’ll fix that up.

I’ve uploaded a tutorial video to my YouTube.

I’ll be making a full run-through video now that I’ve finished adding a bunch of new stuff.

Yeah I think text-based dialogue editing is quicker to write and easier to read.

Thanks for checking it out :) Yeah I feel like text based dialogue is quicker to write and easier to read.

This looks super cool. I’ve always been a fan of Powerhoof’s Power Quest but never liked Unity lol.

Thanks :) Yeah I prefer editing dialogue as just text.

Thanks :) Yeah I prefer editing dialogue as just text.

Thanks :)

Thanks :)

Thanks for trying it out :)

I’m almost finished on a couple of big improvements to the parser and then I’ll add an example project and walk-through video including the newer stuff.

To do something like that “attack” example, I’d just use the “do” keyword and point to a method like do attack("some attack").

SayWhat community · Created a new topic Issue reporting

If you happen to find something broken with either the editor or the addon then you can let me know here.

Thanks for finding this - it should be fixed in version 4.2.1

Turns out the export process was failing to guess where to default your export to when there was nothing to guess from.

I’ve just pushed 4.0.1 of the addon that should remove the need to restart Godot.

Ah yep, that’s my bad. I’ve pushed version 4.0.1 of the addon that removes an internal reference to DialogueManager before the plugin was enabled.

You shouldn’t have to restart Godot to get it to work now.

I’m working on it. It should be ready soonish.

I’ve added a linux build but I don’t actually have linux installed so I’m not able to test it properly. Let me know if it doesn’t work.

I’ve made that change - version 1.0.1 for both Windows and macOS are now available.

Here is probably a good place for suggestions.

GitHub would be a good place for bugs and/or PRs. I’ll accept any useful PRs (that also come with tests).

Hi! At the moment it’s kind of possible in a convoluted way but I’ll have a look at adding inline node redirection in the new couple of days.

Thanks Josh :)

Thanks :) I kind of want to flesh it out a bit more in the future.