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The Domains of Shadow Guidebook was updated with some slight grammar and formatting improvements.

I have seen a lot of minimalist TTRPGs over the years, but this has got to be the best of them. Goat at tense formal events FTW! 

The art in here is wonderful! Just skimming through it I could already see several of the themes mentioned in the playtest represented through visuals alone. The whole book has a captivating aesthetic element. Even if one isn't able to play Cuticorium, one can get quite an experience just reading the guidebook. Thank you, Duck.

Also, I was involved in a pre-release playtest of Cuticorium. Our characters started a skyclad cult, invented electricity, and accidentally killed our profit (RIP Kukato). It was a wild ride, and one filled with self-discoveries very different from both what the players and game creators expected.

Thank you for the review! Although I hadn't really considered it, I do see how the (albeit brief) prep process for Domains of Shadow could be used to board for Gothic stories in different systems. Blight and Composure would take some effort to translate, but the other elements are all general enough to be used for good stories in any system. Thanks for bringing that to my attention! 

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Some slight grammatical changes where made to the Visions of Chaos supplemetary guidebook.