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Interesting game, needs a real epilepsy/migraine warning instead of a joke one

This is awesome!

The mechanics are great - the feel of the movement is really fantastically balanced against the missile movement.

Soooo fun to play.

I couldn't do the last level - I felt it a bit unfair that the security drones would sometimes just spawn where I was already standing, but I had a lot of fun trying to manage it!

Hey dude - you should really put an epilepsy warning on the dashing thing.

That was fantastic!

The documentation is really well laid out and organized, and the game is really quite fun to play.

I think the mechanic is quite exploitable once you get the hang of it, but nonetheless it was still really fun to use.

(Really brought out the cut throat in me)

If I might ask, how many hours did you spend on this?

Oh man - surely if you get in contact with Dan they might be able to work out putting another build up if it just fixes that bug


That was stunning...

I really am speechless.

The documentation is perfect (finally someone who knows how to justify text)

The mechanics you went with are implemented so well, and the story you backed them up with is compelling and considered.

I unfortunately encountered the same bug where the ending sequence did not play.

If you can get that fixed, I will be shocked if you don't win this.

Adorei o teu jogo! :)

Fantastic Concept - Really well thought out and framed.

The dialogue editor is insane for a 70 hour project, so congratulations on that.

Unfortunately, I couldn't do the second level as it was really confusing as to when I would be spotted or not.

Really fun concept. 

Love your documentation, but surprised you didn't cite papers please anywhere.

The UI could be better placed, and the text speed really impacts ability to reject interviewees.

Really well put together prototype!

I was a little concerned about the movement at first, but it really came together with the challenges presented.

Love the way you used the branching storylines, and the game looks great!

Presenting 'Wanderer': The inner voice of Charlie Kelly! (always sunny)

Really love the mechanics you decided on - the fire mechanic especially. You aspire to be a graphics programmer?

Great little game!

I couldn't talk to the first guy you meet :/

Really nice feel to the game - Love the QoL features you expect from a platformer like this!

Would have been nice to see a little more branching stories.

The art and camera are pretty brilliant too!

That was a really cool short little game!

The card puzzle had me going for a short while, but the clue was great for it.

Fantastic idea, and really well executed!

I really like the design and aesthetics of the game.

The concept is really cool, but I feel like I needed info on the buildings before I placed them, and I only found out my mistakes after I built a building.

A collect all button would have been perfect as well, as I ended up playing what felt like a for loop from my lumber yards, to my water pumps, to the fields, then cow/chicken and bakery.

Overall - it's a really cute game, and I quite like it! Nice job man!