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it has an pushing animation and u can arrange the ladder animation by putting some different sprites of the package together ^^


Get it here:

No worries, I can really understand you. But you can really damage the image of a dev here on itch :) 

But as I said no problem! ^^

I dont sell the graphical assets. 

I sell the movement system. I credited the creator of the art and linked to his page. Please do ask what it includes before writing such a comment.


Nice game, gonna support that

Made a similar Dialogue System for UNITY:

This is actually a very fun game. Like the architect! ^^

Why don't you upload the description then?

Amazing art.

Just stunned

Yes please. Add choices.

Amazing texture work!

Looks like the creator has no problem with that!

Just so unbelievable pretty


Get it here:

You have to open them in for example Asesprite and than make a spritesheet out of them

They work in older versions of asesprite!

This is not a place for advertisement of your own stuff!

fck off

Wow it's just amazing what you got done in this short amount of time! :0

Best so far xD

Yes! :3

"It's the darksouls of the gamejam games that want to be dark souls" as Mark would say it :P

Thanks for the compliments dude :3

Makes me very proud. Any cool ideas for the game itself? Wanna make this one to a full release. ^^

Of course I had! Should add some more funny characters or something to work towards! ^

Amazing stuff. Saw that one on the discord! :3

Haha cant believe how fun it became! ^^

I really like it! :)

Thanks mate. The verticality is due to the fact that there was no way to add more attack styles due to the lack of time. ^^

You managed to open the gate?

I like it but the emotion of the guy who finds him are a bit off.

"Danger? I don't know what u mean...". But very cool game! God job!

Interesting game but the levels are very frustrating. Should add more feedback.

But I really enjoyed playing! :3

Really ran with the theme as mark would say! ^^   I love it 10/10 but if u complete stage 1 you could be hit by invisible bombs from stage 1 :/


Just wow. I really hope that this game comes into the video of the jam cause... Damn it really ran with the theme!*as mark would say* :3

Cool idea for the restriction. I like it! :D

The plop at the end is a killing jumpscare xD

I love those models! Could you make some viking or asian assets?

Sounds nice!

Hey together.

I really like this but I think that it's not worth $10 because there are simmilar assets for free which I have just to modify to get a simmilar result. I think if you would set the price to $5 it would be totally worth the money!

No hate, very nice work!

Greetings, Max