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Neugierig auf die finale Umsetzung. :D

Published a whole 2d Game Template using these sprites:

Yes. The boss was made 100% by me. And thanks a lot for the kind words! :) What do you mean with “doesn’t work with other ones”?

I don’t do graphical stuff anymore because it eats up my non-existing time like my dog eats his fruit. :/

So great. Add a way to give u a buck for that! :D

Really great stuff!

Just as a reminder! :) After reworking the symstems I added ranged combat as a feature. More updates incomming! :P

Update September 2022: Support for all my assets is on again!

Sadly I missed the deadline by a few seconds but you can try mine:

Hey guys.

I missed the dead line tonight by a few seconds sadly. I really hope you could take a look at the project anyway so I can get some feedback.

Greetings <3

Learned a lot about pathfinding and world generation in the last days. Normally I do 48hour jams so I propably just wait until friday night and then start with a pretty well 5 day prepared setup.

Don't stress so much. Write clean code with a lot of comments so it can be debugged in the last 5 minutes (when you try to build and upload it).
AND BUILD IT NOW so you can big build problems you face right now.

Give yourself another restrictment. Like only hexagonal map or turn based or whatever. This normally helps a lot.

*F being pressed*

Just saying thank you so much Kay! Beautiful and very high quality.

Sure I will compile one ASAP :P

Hahaha me too!

5 am. here xd

Wish  u guys a lot of fun!

Ah yes. A distance attack is an awesome idea! 

Kind of deadscells? 

Also wait until I do the Update sell that comes with every new Update! :) 

Yeah there are big updates incomming for this and the dialogue system as soon as I passed my exams in the next 2 weeks! :) 

Any suggestions for features? 

Thank you! :33

Making a standalone out of it with some easier levels at the beginning ^^
but currently it's the dark souls of parking games yes xd

If you want to make similar looking games just make the material unlit :P

Had a lot of fun with it! Nice game mate!

Thanks a lot! ^^

To awnser your question on how it fits the theme: 

  1. minimal color scheme gives the game gorgous visuals and is perfect for every kind of colorblindness
  2. the less time you need the better your score is ranked!  \/time -> /\better

Man, I did not implement it in the web version. ^^

I only I implemented it in the win build yet ^^

so what's the bug? :3

(1 edit)

Yeah I simply didn't implement it in the webGL, cause I uploaded the web version 5 hours earlier than the build and did add music in the last hour of game jam ^^

Will update it once the jam is over and I can upload again! 

Gonna see it on Google Play some time next month ;P


Was pretty fun but the font was hard to read and aiming was difficult :(


Fun idea! ^^

Keep in mind that by rating the art and music of this gamedev, that used Unity Asset Store assets you maybe reduce the placement of somebody who has put a lot of time into making them temselves.

Thank you :3

Damn thanks mate, makes me proud. Gonna add the updated version as soon as the review phase ends and I can upload again ^^

Damn thank you a lot! <3

My girl is jealous of you beating her highscores ^^


Thanks to you ^^ Love that you enjoyed it :3

Thaaanks :3

thank youuu :))) 

Damn, that makes me really proud :3

Yap, only in the windows build, Did set the prio to juicy ganeplay ^^

Thanks a lot mate! Means much to me! ^.^

What ever it had to do with the theme... I LOVE IT! It's just a blessing! ^^

I really like that you can't just stick to one guy and only save him! ^^

Fit welll I recommend it.

BUT make the site background dark please! :P