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Thank you! :33

Making a standalone out of it with some easier levels at the beginning ^^
but currently it's the dark souls of parking games yes xd

If you want to make similar looking games just make the material unlit :P

Had a lot of fun with it! Nice game mate!

Thanks a lot! ^^

To awnser your question on how it fits the theme: 

  1. minimal color scheme gives the game gorgous visuals and is perfect for every kind of colorblindness
  2. the less time you need the better your score is ranked!  \/time -> /\better

Man, I did not implement it in the web version. ^^

I only I implemented it in the win build yet ^^

so what's the bug? :3

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Yeah I simply didn't implement it in the webGL, cause I uploaded the web version 5 hours earlier than the build and did add music in the last hour of game jam ^^

Will update it once the jam is over and I can upload again! 

Gonna see it on Google Play some time next month ;P


Was pretty fun but the font was hard to read and aiming was difficult :(


Fun idea! ^^

Keep in mind that by rating the art and music of this gamedev, that used Unity Asset Store assets you maybe reduce the placement of somebody who has put a lot of time into making them temselves.

Thank you :3

Damn thanks mate, makes me proud. Gonna add the updated version as soon as the review phase ends and I can upload again ^^

Damn thank you a lot! <3

My girl is jealous of you beating her highscores ^^


Thanks to you ^^ Love that you enjoyed it :3

Thaaanks :3

thank youuu :))) 

Damn, that makes me really proud :3

Yap, only in the windows build, Did set the prio to juicy ganeplay ^^

Thanks a lot mate! Means much to me! ^.^

What ever it had to do with the theme... I LOVE IT! It's just a blessing! ^^

I really like that you can't just stick to one guy and only save him! ^^

Fit welll I recommend it.

BUT make the site background dark please! :P

392! :3

Very addicting gameplay liked it! :))

Thanks a lot! :)) 

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Thanks :) 

Theme Fit: the lower the score the better and I achieve appealing visuals with just 2 colors and b&w so u can enjoy it in the same way if you are color blind 

Music: Download the version for windows. This is mentioned in the last sentences of the description :P

The people are  too slow otherwise a greate game ^^

thaaaank you! :3

*Tokyo drift music starts playing* ^^

thanks very much! ^^

I will add a lot more :3

Wow, a tear ran down my face while reading this :,))))

It's just tooooo easy ^^

I feel that mate xd

Hahaha thank you so much mate! :3

Thought about it too but there was a deadline xd

Thanks a lot for the kind words :P

I kinda like the floatyness ^^

Thaaanks too youuu :3

Damn thank you soooo much!

Makes me very proud! :,)

damn this is nice <3

Only if you like a challenge and competition:

36 - all dead ^^