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wow really cool!


  1. Yes, you can
  2. Nope
  3. Yep

Hi! Thanks for your feedback. Remember that the game was a game for a GMTKJam and it was made in 48h. Codemanu and me We want to remake the game with a new features and more cool stuff. Please, wait for us and check our Twitter account @Keepmerollin__ to stay tunned with the news. 

This is not a bug. You only can enter in your hous if the wheel its stopped or if the Door its nearby to you. 

Hi! We have updated a new version with better recipes and improvements. Feel free to download and test it! 

We will implement this features in the new version, dont worry!

I will talk with Codemanu and we will try to upload a new version with some bugfixes. Let me some time :) 

Maybe we have some problems with the eat actions. But don't worry, we will update a new version in a few days with some improvements and bug fixes ^^ Thanks for your feedback

Oh! You can open it with Winrar or 7zip. Not winzip allowed :(

Para votar, primero tienes que votar 5 juegos random. Si lees un poco más arriba tienes la explicación :) 

Sobre las mejoras del juego, como ya dijimos, esperamos hacer el juego de nuevo desde cero e intentar portarlo a consolas. Esto conllevará muchos cambios y mejoras, así que no te preocupes! Puedes seguirnos en @Keepmerollin__ en Twitter para seguir el desarrollo 

Yep, you can drop raw steak from the "Meat tree". It is a Pink tree made of Meat and his trunk its made of fat. This is a solución for the issue that we have no time to make animals...btw, you're playing in a wizard World so... Why not? Haha

Thank you! If you are interested on the full devlog of the game, Codemanu and me we will remake the game. You can follow us in @Keepmerollin__ on twitter.

thanks for your words! if you're really interested in our game, you can follow us in: this twitter account will have updates and fixes about the game. We will make a commercial game in the future. we loved the idea too!

thanks for your feedback! ^^

we made all of this in 48h ^^ the game is not balanced, but if you like the game you can follow our twitter account to read the future updates:

your house is your inventory! ^^

I heard this issue before, probably you have some problemas with Visual DLL's. Try to extract the files of the game in a folder, search the exactly DLL "vcruntime140.dll" on Google, download it and put IN to the game folder. Try to open then.

wow man, thanks for your comment! >_<

Thank you so much for your comment! ^^

puedes darle las gracias de la música a @bibikiGL :D

Gracias a vosotros por querer jugarlo! ^^

Thank you! :D

I used it! haha

Photoshop is your friend! ^^

you can use it. no problem

Thank you! I will try to solve it ASAP! :D

In the new version v.0.5.1b you can use the keyboard and PS gamepad.

check this link:

But if you need, you can créate a New Project Page and upload the New change. You can read this in a sticky post at the top of forum :) 

What is the reason for such a long trial? Theoretically, we have to wait until September 2020 to evaluate the games. It's a six-month wait. During that time without knowing the winners, there are people who have sent in their entries and will want to improve their game, or take advantage of it to try and sell it.

I think that creating a game is a difficult task and that you cannot stay in a drawer for 6 months waiting for the result of the competition to be known.

I can't guarantee that it will work with other gamepads becauseI only have an Xbox/XOne controller to test :(

You will need Xbox or XboxOne gamepad. 

Let me check it and I will update it! Thanks for your feedback

Hello! I think the problem was the file extension. Change ".zip" to ".rar" ^^

You can slice it with 16x16 size and 8x8 for the mouse icons :)

if you think I can improve the pack tell me what do you think it need and I can try to make it :)

The Red Ridinghood with axe its mine (but not included because its unfinished and old work) 

yes, you can

try to download it another time. if you have the same problem contact me by email

You can use it where you want but you can't resell it. Feel free to use it ^^