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Really fun car physics, nicely done.

Thanks for pointing this out. I made a change to the water and it worked on my machine, but seems to have caused problems on others where it'll hang while trying to load. I put out a quick update now to fix it.

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Sorry for the double reply, but do you use Nvidia by any chance?
I believe the issue is this, and I've tested a build with these options turned off and it seems to render fine. I've uploaded that build now so you should be able to run it on Brave.

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Good lord that is glitchy looking! I tested it on Firefox and it worked okay, but loading it up on Chromium (installed on Fedora 34) I get the same as you. Works okay on both Firefox and Chromium on my Windows laptop though oddly enough... I'll need to see what can be done about that. For now I'll just make a note of the weird glitches on chromium based browsers on Linux.

Thank you for the rest of the comments.