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Interesting game you got here. This game feels inspired by stacklands but focuses more on the puzzle side of things. Being a very simple idea, i feel the game has some potential to it. Maybe even a good way to tell stories ?

I also like the fact there is a bad state to stop the player from just "brute forcing" , which is what I did cause I'm not smart lol.

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Hey, thanks for my first feedback. Alot of the points you give is very valid and definetly in the future I want to try to incorporate it. 

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Had issues on lower frame rates especially for WebGL. Added a fix for that, hopefully its all good now.

Update: Unfortunately, seems to be still happening for WebGL for some people.

Web version has more bugs than the windows version unfortunately.

 So i highly recommend to download the windows version instead.

Added webgl version. But there is some lag, looking to improve this today. Also some textures are low rez. For better experience i recommend the pc version for now.

This looks really cool however, I cant seem to get it working in my 2d URP project on unity. 
Also I had this error `Material doesn't have a texture property '_MainTex'`
and i fixed it with this

But yeah I just had a black box sprite in the end.

Pretty cute. Tho it was quite tough imo. 

What would be nice ?

Add coins in the air to lead the players on where to shoot to get the perfect score. I feel like having multiple ways to get the win is always nice but reward the player for getting the intended way. 

Thanks for playing! It definitely was a learning project for me to stress the limits and my own. 

I'm surprised no one has played this yet. I think you've done an amazing job here.

You have some very witty dialogue here, and some good story building narrative. The entire UI for the dialogue and menu, and options are very clean and snappy as well.  

What could be improved ?

  • I think the bgm is a bit moot, but not annoying. This is subjective i suppose
  • Would be cool if each character had a different "font" to spell out their personalities more.

Just a few question i want to ask 

  1. What engine did you build this on ?
  2. Do you normally build the level first then write the story ? Or the other way round ?

So I played the game and i couldn't get through the first jump, when i hit the bottom it keep going back to the start of the level. Also I believe your animation had an exit time so, when it transition between animations it was still stuck in the other animation.

Overall, I think the level feel was pretty good. But I couldn't play the game any further beyond than that.

Played the game and I think its cute. Tho im confused what to do when i picked up the yellow and red thingamajic. 

So everything seems pretty sus. Well done!

Pretty neat to find out that you've made all these assets yourself and this is your first game. I would say well done ! 

What would be nice

  • Game speeds up eventually to increase pacing
  • Sound sfx when picking up cherries
  • The scrolling speed between the ground, and background seems off, maybe set the background mountains move slower than the foreground?

A well done puzzle game. It was challenging enough to keep me going until the end.  If there wasnt the heal mechanic and the timer, it would had still been a good puzzle game imo. 

What would be nice

  • I suppose for a puzzle game, it would be very rewarding for the player if some fancy visuals pops up to congratulate the player. 
  • For the puzzle addicts, is a secondary(optional) plant to plant at every level to encourage exploration around the map would make it more interesting.

Overall. good job !

thanks for trying it out !

This was quite cute and adorable. I had a laugh at some of the dialogues which made me feel like I needed to cure the kittys.

What could be improved ?

  • The control to drag and drop items could be quicker and smoother, as of now everything has a heavy weight feel to it. 
  • Need a way to clear ingredients and indicate what ingredients are already in the pot.
  • More kitties with hats.

Overall this is very well done !

Please use this form if you'd like critique on your game!

Game Title/URL: 
Cleric's Burden   


You basically play as the cleric of the party and its your job to keep the party alive to defeat the final boss. ( 6 waves, 6 bosses ). The game is basically an attempt clone of vampire survivor which I have not played before but wanted to try. Also was a good excuse to try out "Object Pooling" which is a very important concept

I'd like feedback on: 

  • The performance of the game
  • The game balancing 

I need help on: 

  • How do i go about balancing enemy health and amount, exp and player damage and abilities ? 
  • Any performance techniques i should know about for 2d games such as this ? 
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What I Like

  • A simple highscore chill vibe game
  • I feel everything is well put together in general. Nothing really broke in my play through. 

What would be better

  • Would be nice if the rate of the falling objects go back and forth and at different pacing to keep up the excitement and breather period of dodging things.
  • High levels/score which rewards the player to keep going for higher levels

Overall well done !

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What I Like

  • For a wave game, is nice you have a mini map
  • unique concept to build towers based on your health
  • Well complete, you made a main menu, and a tutorial for it even.

What would be good to have

  • Audio sfx would be nice for feedback to the player in what they are doing
  • Was hard to tell if I was moving when the floor is entirely flat. Adding some textures to it might improve it significantly.

Overall well done ! This is good stuff

Definitely not your first rodeo a game jam. But you got me at at 18+ I'm in.

thanks for playing my game and the feedback !

Well done game with interesting buffs and debuffs ! Remind me of the old school neopet games.  

If anything i would critique is, I would suggest to somehow give more indication to the thing that is falling out of the sky is a bad or good thing. 

Very cute game. Definitely wordle inspired. Would be even better with more sfx for each actions and interactions. 

So when i first saw the game. I said What the Bananas. It's literally a hand. Then i played the tutorial and I was like wow this is BANANAS !

I really like the game design, like how the enemy telegraphs their attacks and the whole game play is basically me anticipating when to dodge and go in for the touch. 

I think you've inspired me that even without super great graphics and mainstream gameplay of killing enemies, you can make a great game with good design. Good one !

Very good submission. Game feels very clean and there are small touches i noticed added into the game like the door having a black fire to indicate its closed. A sound that is played when you enter the room. 

I think the one bug i encountered is when you set the volume in the options menu, it stopped the bgm immediately. 

The game is definitely lacking more hooks to make the game play more exciting but i believe a smooth clean game > a broken game, or unprogressable game

Good job!

I believe there is no music currently in the web gl version. 

thanks !

hey man thanks for trying it out !  

This is very cool! Very unique typing game experience

looking forward to this

hey. thanks for finding it amusing !

I will need to figure out how to test my game in different performance machines.  And also look into the techniques you have shared !  This is very valuable for me as a developer,  so thank you for the valuable feedback

Thanks for play testing it !  I'm trying to go for a typer shark kind of game as it was one of my childhood games.

hey man thanks for the feedback on stream ! Its very valuable for the team !

Feedback is much appreciated

Hi I'm the developer of

What I like 

  • A very good attempt at a two character controlled gameplay.
  • Simple design but well put together, I can see the small details added like particle effects despite things are just gradients and squares. 
  • A immersive story well put together with music and SFX and dialogues.

What could be improved

  • The little square could jump higher, further, and go into small places. Maybe too much power here.
  • The big brother should be the one to be able to jump higher to get little brother to places. In addition it could have a "weight" benefit to it, knowing that he is "big brother".
  • Noticed some jittering movement bugs when the squares move.

Overall, this was very good. 

Hi I'm the developer of

It's very interesting its not just some lawn mower game but more of like a puzzle of switches and timing. I've not sure what else to add but, I actually really wanted to mow a lawn manually after this game hahaha.  Good job !

Very cute game. The most peak experience i had was when i got the jet pack. 

Not sure its connection to the theme connections. But I think It's well put together and a simple game. 

What would I like to see ?

  • More interactions. 
  • Some space bgm will make the experience nicer
  • sounds from interactions

I believe the small details always elevates any game to the next level. Just like the tornados. hehe

Overall good job !