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also, where can i remove the fps data on the screen? Cant find it. Could you mind make a gamdpad configuration for the GMS2? Thank you again!

Hello there i have a few questions... How can i change the windows view size? and where should i cofig a gamepad? thank you

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Once i finish my game (is at 95%)i will buy this asset for the next game... please give me some robots sprites i will buy them xD!

by the way... do you mind if I add your name as collaborator on our website? I want to give credit in the game and website.

so far so good! If you mind I can show you how is looking in the game... do you have any big dinosaurs or robots? I'm looking forward to those 

thank you very much! You are making my game development more easy (i will give credit in the game), I imagine that you must have realized that I am buying several assets of yours. If you mind send me a PM, thank you!

yes we got the files, but we have not test it yet. we have 2 events this months and we are working hard preparing all the material for that. i will write you as soon as we test it. :D

I will check it out and answer as soon as i can. thank you!

Sure thing! This is nape games email and my personal email you can use voy y for the files. Thank you very much!

We would love to use your soundtrack in our NES game reknum the awakening if you like :D see more here

Hi there! We are a new indie developer called NAPE GAMES, we just launched V.O.I.D. demo with  pre-order here we would like to know your opinion about the game.  Thank you very much!!! :D