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I feel strongly that it needs to be easier than that.

We really shouldn't have to scour for the solution and then have to affix  ?exclude=tg.horror every single time we go to another page.  Plus, you can only exclude one thing at a time, so its sometimes super frustrating when you're searching for more specific game types.

At the very least, I'd at least like to be able to block or hide games/thumbnails from the feed.

Blondes, different shades of brown and orange would be priority, I think.  The red and brown are so similar that it doesn't really matter which is selected.  It would also be super helpful if the color icons actually matched the color it gives you, instead of clicking the white icon and getting brown.

Hope that helps!

This is precious! I love the sounds!

Really cute but color is super limited and there doesn't seem to be a way to give them a natural hair color

I'm so excited!