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I just finished it, and all I have to say is: THIS IS AWESOME

There are 6 endings, but I've only seen 3 of them (the good ends, I'm assuming) so I still have more playing to do, but even then, I still love this game so much.

I saw a lot of people declaring their love for Quest and Toasty, but come on, where the nightowl fans at? I literally loved him so much,, I almost couldn't breathe.

ALSO!! The fact the conversations felt so real it felt like I was talking to real people! Sometimes I would just forget I'm playing a game (only to be brought back to reality whenever a choice or a call comes by)

All in all, even though nightowl was my favorite character, Toasty has got to be my favorite route. I won't spoil anything, but I'll just say I really loved that ending.

PS I would like to braid Toasty's hair please and thank you

PPS is xyx getting a route bc...

I got the notification from my email last night! Though I can't play it for now I am hoping to do so somewhere in the future :)

I really loved Cinderella Phenomenon so it'll be a blast to be able to play Evermore! 

Oh gosh... I remember when I played the demo! It has been a long time since then. Just gonna download this real quick :)

This was amazing! I relate so hard to this.

The DLCs are really interesting! Can't wait for them to come out! (Wait. This game's supposed to come out first haha)

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Where can I find the game? Is it on this platform ( or is it somewhere else?

Edit: Nevermind, I found it. It goes by a different name (not Dicesuki) and I was confused for a sec lol

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Ah, really!? Hell yea! Is the DLC thing for the ones you do before summer ends? If I can I'll definitely buy it~ :3

Please work hard, I'm sure what you'll make in the end would still be beyond expectations! <3

This is so amazing! I can't wait for the full release! (If I need to pay then... I'M GONNA WORK HARD)

I really love the characters, and as I got immersed in the story... the demo ended :"

But it's okay, since I'll be waiting patiently. I'll be around the corner!

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Haha, when I saw the black note book, I was like "If he calls this a Death Note I'll die lmao" and he really did call it that. Thank you so much!

Edit: Did we call it the 'Death Note' instead of him? I don't really remember ;-;


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Hey! I haven't finished this game yet, so this comment will continue to be updated! Thank you, this game is probably the best otome game I've ever played. (Beware of Spoilers)

(Spoilers will be marked with *SPOILERS* and end with **)

I've played Zeikun's route once and I fell in love (with this game and him lol).  I'm attached to the story as a whole- I can't describe what I'm feeling.

Okay, now for the fun stuff and reviews!

I was chased by a group of zombies and... got Dead End 7, my first ending. Well, I'm the type that gets panicked easily when there's time limit- so... yeah. I reloaded (From the last choice I need to make... I'M THANKFUL FOR THE SKIP BUTTON) and guess, again... *SPOILERS* I chose RRRS (R is Right and S is Straight) and reached the temple lmao. It was a fun experience.**

Then I just continue like usual, even though I laughed at the achievement I got... heh--

Then I got the romance end! *SPOILERS* I was screaming over the fact that they kissed OH MY GOD. ** And I also got the After Story, and I kept screaming "HELL YEA" inside my head

I will update this soon enough! Just gonna get two more endings from Zeikun's route and then I'm gonna play Sachiro's, wish me luck!

(Oh yeah, I have an issue where if I run the game for about 20 minutes, my internet will stop working because I can't connect to it anymore. And (it's probably my laptop, but...) when sound effects and musics play, they stutter every few minutes (or even seconds). Do you know how to fix these? Thanks a lot.)

The text version is so good too!

Did you use twine for this? I recognize the layout from twine!

There are other endings? :0

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Thank you very much! It seems like this is the only game you've made so far, but please continue to make games (somewhat) like this! I'd LOVE to see more games from you!

Ah, this. Yep, I know this. I just kinda forgot it lol once you explained memories are flooding back!



This was really beautiful, so much I can't describe it in words.

This was a nice, heart-warming story. I really like how all the characters feel so real, Sadie looks like she could be found in any neighborhood!

I also like the very cute art! I also like  love how the backgrounds are monotone while the characters have bolder colors, it really makes the characters stand out!

!Spoiler Warning!

I just love the mom's personality and how she handle things, she's a very understanding mother!

I also love the selfy at the end! SO CUTE! Could I make a fan-art for this game? I will post it on my instagram for you to see! (do you have instagram?)

(Primary) Burned slytherin and (Secondary) Ravenclaw.

On pottermore I got ravenclaw because guess what? (I think it's because) I studied more than having a social live or stuff wwww

ⵊ ʟovᴇ tʜiѕ﹐ eѕᴩe𝕔ially tҺе ‛oh 𝕟𝕠′ Ьᥙ𝕥to𝕟

WHAT EASTER EGG?! Seriously though...

What 'last' one?


The title make it sound like an Indonesian game, haven't downloaded it yet, and the characters' name sound so Indonesian

//Peace from Indonesia

And I have got all the endings, thanks to my sister!!! She played this and enjoyed it!

Now I got all 10 endings, she got 6 of it and I got 4 of it.

LOL, she reaally helped me!

Um, how to get all of the endings? So far I only got "Space Ending" and "True Ending" yet there are 3 endings!!!! Please help me ;-;

I played the web version!!!

Aaaaaand, tbh, Syrup is so much like Moxie!!!

OMGG! The two of them!

They have the same facial expression, and character!!!

I    L O V E    T H I S ! ! ! !

Um, this game is not suitable for children???

Hello, I downloaded it and extracted it. But when I open the game it says the version wasn't compatible with my version and I have to check its 32-bit or 64-bit?? Well, I'm either one のwの  Kidding you, I'm 32-bit Maybe this game is in 64-bit?? Please check on it. I want to play so badly TTnTT