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This was really beautiful, so much I can't describe it in words.

This was a nice, heart-warming story. I really like how all the characters feel so real, Sadie looks like she could be found in any neighborhood!

I also like the very cute art! I also like  love how the backgrounds are monotone while the characters have bolder colors, it really makes the characters stand out!

!Spoiler Warning!

I just love the mom's personality and how she handle things, she's a very understanding mother!

I also love the selfy at the end! SO CUTE! Could I make a fan-art for this game? I will post it on my instagram for you to see! (do you have instagram?)

Hi there! So glad you enjoyed the game! We love to hear from you and would LOVE to see any fan art you create! KJAM doesn't have an insta but  a few of us do so if you tag ButYouSeemFine we would love to check it out!

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Thank you very much! It seems like this is the only game you've made so far, but please continue to make games (somewhat) like this! I'd LOVE to see more games from you!