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Excellent! Really makes me want to write a physical letter now. Keeping in touch with distant friends like that feels much more personal, instead of texting someone an emoji on like holidays or something.

Very enjoyable adventure! Exploring the town and talking to everyone was a lot of fun.


Very neat animations for the hypnosis, excellent art and use of the limited pico8 graphics. More dialogue and distinct choices would have been nice, but whats there creates a very cool vibe.

I had such plans for more minigames, cutscenes... more than one dialogue branch. I'm glad to hear the minimal experience was still enjoyable.

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I ended up getting very wrapped up in tuning the crane game physics and finally decided that I would leave the mass low enough to allow people to shove things a bit. I did not expect that to be the preferred solution though XD

I have a nice list of minigames, cutscenes, and dialogue I want to add when I have time later. Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!

Yes I agree completely. I will have to find some good sound effects when I polish up the game after the jam. Thanks for playing!

I like the concept would be nice to see it finished! I need a detailed drawing of the BIG WIGGLY BUG THE SIZE OF A CAT.

Excellent shark adventure! I played through several time to experience different branches, enjoyable story every time.

I scored 14 points does that mean I win the horny? Delightfully abstract game. :D

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No vsync on Mac? :o
Thanks I'll add that fix. I shouldn't have been relying on 60 frame vsync anyways, as I discovered when I ran the game on a 144hz display.

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>I umm... May have cheated on the crane game and just shoved everything outside instead of just the plane parts :p

speed runner ready ™

I'm glad that you enjoyed it!

Fantastic experience, found everything but the neon sign... that was staring me straight in the face. A full game based on this concept would be amazing.