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You can try pushing the lever in the opposite way mid turn and see what happens!

This was a cool mini game! I really liked the polished environment, nice tutorial and menus and the creepy thing watching above was the cherry on top haha

Unfortunately wasn't able to figure out a good setup to be able to get all the keys ):
First I couldn't reach my feet, then I kept leaving by boundary to be able to reach the keys around me.
I'll try again another time, though!

Congrats on this submission!!

Cool environment and puzzles, congrats on this submission!

In the beginning it took me a while to realize I was looking through the "wrong" side of the lens and I dropped it a few times - wish I could grab it by pointing at it or it stuck to me somehow, like a necklace (:

In LOVE with the environment, super spooky and polished!
My headset ran out of battery and couldn't finish but want to come back and play again.

Minor quirks I ran into:
I accidentally teleported myself outside of the room and was floating above the tunnel part o_o
Going through doors is a little awkward (or maybe I'm not used to the controls), wish it would open up on it's own momentarily after I pull it versus me having to hold it open and pass through it.

Awesome job for the jam, following!!

Thanks so much for playing! We'll work on improving the clues in the game.
You're definitely on the right track by aligning objects to climb, but you won't be able to get the key from the inside.
Red arrows might point the way (:

Thanks for playing!! Glad you enjoyed the climbing experience (:
Clues can definitely improve - appreciate the feedback!

Woowww, congrats!! I was betting no one would figure it out. My partner will be happy to hear this :D
Thanks for playing and sharing your feedback! <3

You're not!! It wasn't easy to begin with, environment  and clues can absolutely improve to be a better guide -  thanks so much for trying it out and sharing your feedback!

Wow, I came here to play, not to cry  ...  o_o
Short but powerful - great job!!