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I was super immersed in the game, i was actually shocked when it ended, definitely hoping to see more out of the idea.

How am I intended to get money?

another one related to the same issue, if your companion finishes off an enemy (only tested with lust but might work with phys) it wont actually register the killing until you do some damage of your own

small bug, when my support character does her lust attack, it makes the counter effect happen and i take damage despite the fact i blocked it

Is gianni trying to voice act every single character in existence ever what

How to i ask to borrow the tools i need, i cant make any money because I spent it all on the first few tools before the game informed me of the price i had to pay

Thanks for the reply

How do you get new skills, i haven't managed to gather one

I feel like you should add some text that quickly explains what something means when you hover over it so i dont have to keep going back and forth from and to google, would be really helpful. Great game tho

Make it more cluttered, good luck seeiing through every single screen possible to see being available at a moments notice through one quick button (sure you cant see it due to the whole, buttons covering everything, but it sure is playing right now)

Where do i enter the key?

Download and open game
get through a couple character scenes and some emotional stuff
suddenly the big name reveal shows up

cant stop laughing for a straight 5 minutes 10/10 already

just finished very gud

How long will the not NTR bits be? just wondering how long it will take for that to be resolved

I mean id imagine its more easy to spot for you because you actively worked on it and already knew that the problem existed

Just bought it, looks fun but the text is white on white background making it hard to read

did you remove the bullets before firing?

time to go into a pub server with W set to killbind and suffer

Honestly I think morgana and roxy should be swapped, as our MC was able to figure out how to deal with them after what ill assume is barely any time and be able to touch her, so I feel like with extra time a complete counter could be found.

a piece of advice for just getting back to where you were, just skip all the text cause 90% of the time was just that

I'm pretty sure that typo hero is the main character of the game 

Dont Try to use powers, it makes no change happen, also if you can try buying upgrades for the building that improve learning to make it go faster

add typo hero as a character

This is the worst game ever played, I hate good quality writing, and pretty consistent update schedules, I hate lots of content I want updates once a year that fixes one spelling mistake and nothing else. (I am joking of course, great game 10/10)

getting one of the gacha gems got me a video

I agree with your points, maybe instead of having to decorate it we can buy hints of certain levels which increase in cost depending on how descriptive they are

it only works on the endings that dont just instantly cut to a picture i believe though, so no escaping the robbery ri

just got all the nightclub secret tapes and i dont think i got anything new pain

also does anyone know how to get all the new tapes?

Honestly i liked it quite a lot as a suprise, i actually got attached so i wasnt really expecting anything like that to happen i personally felt like it worked as a sort of emotional moment

I found an interesting bug, where if you just dont actually press end game and just wait long enough, you still win

also nightclub: i dont know where anything is so perhaps a proper tutorial part where it just tells you where everything is in a training tape would be nice

also another thing, the catgirl visited me like 5 times in one match which instantly stole all of my previous money

I got a problem with the new update of 0.06, everytime i get the catgirl that holds you hostage and i refuse because the downside isnt that bad i lose when before the camera just bounced around, is this intended or?

this is a pretty good game, pretty funny

Id say a tutorial to explain how exactly to massage would help

I put my comment down before there was any way to lower it and girls shocked everyone until they left the map

I ended up just naturally making a strategy over time, check if you are on turbo mode because that might be the issue

2 things after i collected all but one (the car minigame one) of the tapes
1. Not enough sounds for useful stuff, (could also use more sounds to distract from said useful sounds perhaps), the sound of the glass thud can easily be missed, its very annoying trying to figure out what is the problem in the facility.
2. the shark door thing, it seems to activate too often, why not some sort of a sound threshold which doing some actions will increase and if you pass it the minigame activates, giving you some degree of agency against the minigame which hurts my fingers constantly

how do i do the gatcha stuff