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(This was at full 1920x1080 - it ran at 20-40 FPS at 640x480.)

New laptop struggles to run it a bit xD

It'd have to be something using unique mechanics of some kind.

The Steam link is now invalid. I'd suggest it being removed.

It's worth the $$$

Add a selfie stick mod so Senpai and Saiko can do a 2-way picture. XD

Hard to find words to review this with. Unique, to say the least.

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I found it a lot of fun after knowing what to do! I was running practically the entire time and got out in roughly 15 minutes. Like 4th to 6th try, not sure.

It'd be freaking awesome if there was a 2-player mode where the other person plays Saiko!

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THANKS! What's new in this version? (Oh, can you enable VISA payment?)

Could you perhaps offer the game for USD $ as well as pounds?

t    h    i    r    d

e    y    e

s    i    g    h    t

This game makes me want hugs and not because of fear. 10/10

Thanks for inspiring me to turn this into a harsh noise music-maker. I like myself some good auditory chaos. (Use Audacity to reverse the audio in each speaker at random for a 'Caretaker meets Merzbow' vibe.)

Authentic, unique experience.

Got it linked to Steam as a non-Steam game so I can go back to it with ease.

d     r     u     g     s     -     1     0     /     1     0

Very creative.

Comforting, sad, eerie, then outright disturbing. As a horror nut, world 8 instantly had me sold. Easily worth a good five bucks.

Another hit in my book. Scary as hell.

The best of the three. Fantastic atmosphere that isn't over the top and a killer jumpscare I actually was startled by.

Probably saw me before (my Steam rec's). More drugs for the mind, but this trip wasn't a good one. (A compliment.)

Not bad. Feels like playing an excerpt of Layers of Fear and then NaissanceE side by side. Love the second half's architecture quite a bit.

Surprisingly impressive. Looking forward to a fully finished version. Would do well on Steam!

Nice, short little horror experience.

I love how the map is disorienting and completely random. I beat the game going up instead of down. Meh jumpscare but nothing's perfect.

The perfect game IMO would combine your room generation with Pie On a Plate's version's gameplay elements. Just my two cents.