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Sorry for the silly question but- we're supposed to start in this room. Right? It kinda looks like an extra room so I wasn't sure.

Go to the screen where there's the password and drag the window that's in front of the password to see it c:

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Not bad for your first posted RPG MV game(?). Also headcanons:
The mom can't speak a :( and hides her sad emotions.
Zera is probably gay for Lettuce.

Download the RPG VX Ace RTP

Ooo then that's my fault. I should probably work out more puzzles that I can see better first. Sorry for complaining about that.

I left a rating stating what I like about the game. But If I had to give a word of feedback I think it's a little too dark in some places. Like the area in the basement where I just barley was able to find the doorknob because I kept pressing space bar to see if anything was there. I still haven't beaten the game yet but it's pretty good!

Um I was wondering why it's out on now but not Steam until September 17th? 

I'm glad to be helpful! Also I was wondering if you have a discord?

Hi I made a small video on my feedback! (I'll delete it later.)

My user is sleeprpg on twitter and I'd love to help!

Also syphisprod has some good Yandere Simulator sprites for your game if you need them.

I'm looking forward to see what you're planning to do!

Ah this one of my favorite meme rpgs so far. Nice job. Dax is the hero we needed, but don't deserve. 

Also there's no events to go back from the hallway in the Inn so it's kinda unplayable.

Holy shit I'd never picture someone making a video playing a shitty game of mine. Thanks! download the rpg vx ace one. Then run the game.

Ah it said that it couldn't find the actor data? I'm using Windows. I did extract it as well. 

You should probably test this stuff before releasing it, cause the html5 doesn't work. Unless it's just me?

If you need help exporting let me know :)

How do you open it with just the .exe file?

Hm well I'd suggest new sounds, maybe a new font for the text, new tilesets and sprites. I'm not an expert on rpgs but that's my two cents on it. Good luck on your game.

Looks really good so far! In my opinion, it would be cool to release it episodically. In the end it's up to you. Looking forward to updates regardless~!

So what type of game is this supposed to be? Is it supposed to be serious? Are you joking around cause it's a W.I.P? I can try to give some tips for the game if it's going to be a more serious-ish RPG.  It decent so far tho.

Hello I liked the demo! There's just two bugs I noticed. For one, after crashing the car you can go to the down area with the rabbit before getting the flashlight and bat, which gets you stuck. Also there was a sentence in the English version that wasn't translated.Otherwise I enjoyed everything so far. Looking forward to your progress!

I'm not sure if you ever heard of the game Danganronpa v3, but in the first chapter a pianist was killed. After the murder the protag went to play a CD of a recording of her playing Claire Delude, her ghost showed up to wish him to move forward. It really reminded me of that when the true ending of this game played, I almost cried. This was a really simple and touching rpg, I could tell it was made with care. I enjoyed this game. 

Couldn't have said it better myself. It kinda gave me a sour taste to play this game (I'm bisexual).

Their is a lot of images not there so I can't play the game ;-;

I like the game but...the save button is broken. I only got so far that I died and lost all progress. ;-;

I like the idea but some problems....Save doesn't work and the menu is a bit laggy.

That was soooo cute! >~<

It's simple and sweet, nicely done~! I love what the wife says at the very end, it was a nice touch for the ending.

Hi, I've been having a problem with the game.  After the scene where Mark tells them a scary tale of the place in the dinning area, I went out of the door to the right and it was black. I can move and check doors but everything is black.

Crap this look nice but I speak English ;~; Are you planning on making a English translation?