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A member registered Aug 17, 2017

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Hello I liked the demo! There's just two bugs I noticed. For one, after crashing the car you can go to the down area with the rabbit before getting the flashlight and bat, which gets you stuck. Also there was a sentence in the English version that wasn't translated.Otherwise I enjoyed everything so far. Looking forward to your progress!

I'm not sure if you ever heard of the game Danganronpa v3, but in the first chapter a pianist was killed. After the murder the protag went to play a CD of a recording of her playing Claire Delude, her ghost showed up to wish him to move forward. It really reminded me of that when the true ending of this game played, I almost cried. This was a really simple and touching rpg, I could tell it was made with care. I enjoyed this game. 

Couldn't have said it better myself. It kinda gave me a sour taste to play this game (I'm bisexual).

Their is a lot of images not there so I can't play the game ;-;

I like the game but...the save button is broken. I only got so far that I died and lost all progress. ;-;

I like the idea but some problems....Save doesn't work and the menu is a bit laggy.

That was soooo cute! >~<

It's simple and sweet, nicely done~! I love what the wife says at the very end, it was a nice touch for the ending.

Hi, I've been having a problem with the game.  After the scene where Mark tells them a scary tale of the place in the dinning area, I went out of the door to the right and it was black. I can move and check doors but everything is black.

Crap this look nice but I speak English ;~; Are you planning on making a English translation?