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I found a bug before I was able to move around. The line: "Got yourself a beautiful customer here, talk to her." keeps repeating. I think you forgot to add a control self switch. You can download the RTP pack for XP to play this without the creator having to add it in.

I encountered a bug that prevents me from progressing. After saving Joru by giving the chocolate to the crab and declining  Sinus' request, I attempted to leave the area only to repeat the crab scene again. 

I like the game so far but it really is lacking sound. I realize you want to add custom music/sound effects but maybe add some temporary ones? It was sort of hard to enjoy without it, like when there was a rumble to the north or when Elena mentioned sounds she heard it felt empty. Otherwise I like the concept and I'm looking forward to the full thing someday. 

Look in the screenshots. The XP logo is in it. Also their game is posted on which it states that the engine is  XP. I know you love to convert games to VX ACE to MV or vise versa, but no it isn't either of them. 

It's made in XP I believe.

There's blue panels/screens occasionally on the walls to save.

No offense but, and I know it's a prototype, but what was the point of putting a download so early? I played through it once then recorded it the second time to see how long it would take to examine everything and damn- 37 seconds. It took me longer to download and extract the game. I'm sure it will be something cool but I think you should wait a bit longer.

I like how things are randomized. Also is something supposed to happen after you defeat the Dungeon Master?

Oh it's working fine now!

A bug I found is after the battle in Andrew's Basement. When you transfer to the next place the screen remains black.

Oh hey you're alive. Good to see you're still up to making games~!

Man I love your games a lot. First I discovered Immortal, then your demo Mare and At The Sea's End. And now this cute little game. All the characters are charming and well drawn. I'm looking forward to more of your work ^_^!

This is really well done for an early stage and only you working on it! I love the art style and animations. It reminds me of IB a bit, with the theme of art and the choice of blanking out words that she doesn't understand. Good luck on the game and I'm looking forward to your progress!

I haven't finished the game yet cause I have no clue where to go after getting the slop. I like the art in the game but finding where to go is the most confusing part due to the mapping. Also you get stuck when going into Mr.Dog's house and get spawned somewhere you can't move when going down the stairs of ❤❤❤'s house.

It didn't fully understand the story- but I found the game very charming. I loved the art and maps. The music that played throughout the whole game was a nice touch. Although there were a few instances where you'd go through tilesets you weren't supposed to go through - that's the only real problem I had with the game. Everything else was great!

A nice short game! The battles weren't too challenging. Just nice, short, and sweet. I also love the title art, it's really pretty~

When I try unlocking the door (that you get from the first key you obtain in the game) and go in front of it and use the item, it says "Door unlocked!" but when I choose to try to open it, it says "door locked" again. It takes away the key so I can't try again.

@sleeprpg on twitter. Sorry for the trouble >.<

Yes I'm just not very smart or I'm overthinking it >.<

Did you figure out the 4 digit code puzzle? Cause I can't figure it out ;p

This game is made in the program RPG VX Ace!

I finished the game and here's my feedback.
Pros: Interesting story, good game play, nice humor.
Cons: The Options Menu doesn't save. The sprites that were used from rpg vx ace and stretched make the game look ugly. I would suggest staying with RPG MV assets, so it looks cleaner. Also for tilesets you can go through a lot of them, which you shouldn't be.

Thanks. It looks like a good game so far! (As much as I've played.)

Several complaints for this. First, I wouldn't say this is horror. Two cheap jump scares and dark lighting is not horror. Also there shouldn't be a disable light effects option cause that just let goes of any creepy factor the game gave. There was a few times when you could go through tiles you shouldn't be able to (Painting in the start of the game). Along with some spelling errors, which is fine cause it's common. Of course you plan to have custom assets, which is good. I do commend that you have an idea, which is good. But good luck with the game!

Sorry for the silly question but- we're supposed to start in this room. Right? It kinda looks like an extra room so I wasn't sure.

Go to the screen where there's the password and drag the window that's in front of the password to see it c:

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Not bad for your first posted RPG MV game(?). Also headcanons:
The mom can't speak a :( and hides her sad emotions.
Zera is probably gay for Lettuce.

Download the RPG VX Ace RTP

Ooo then that's my fault. I should probably work out more puzzles that I can see better first. Sorry for complaining about that.

I left a rating stating what I like about the game. But If I had to give a word of feedback I think it's a little too dark in some places. Like the area in the basement where I just barley was able to find the doorknob because I kept pressing space bar to see if anything was there. I still haven't beaten the game yet but it's pretty good!

Um I was wondering why it's out on now but not Steam until September 17th? 

Hi I made a small video on my feedback! (I'll delete it later.)