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As imagens não carregam (aparece o ícone de falha)

O jogo traduzido já tá disponível!

É, a gente fez o jogo em inglês porque era pra uma jam em inglês, mas temos intenção de traduzir.

Temos planos de traduzir todos os nossos jogos pra português também ^^

Esperamos que goste <3

Que bom! Fico feliz <3

Conta pra gente como foi depois!

Sim, tá explicado na descrição do jogo ^^

We'd love to submit our projects to this!

This is a really cool idea! <3

Just submitted our game! It's a map-making, narrative game that uses a deck of cards!

It has a price tag, but we'll share a key with jammers that want to test it out, just let us know!

Hi! I've submitted a game to the jam, but since it's not pay what you want, I've made a download key for people who took part on the jam to download for free and try out the game if they want. Use the link below:

It's gonna be up until May 26th 23h59 GMT -3.

Thank you!

I only thought to ask because I saw another jam a while back that had an extended period for late submissions, but since I never ran my own jam, I couldn't be sure if it was possible.

I have submited the game to the jam!

I'll wait to submit to just in case, but if you guys want to take a look at what we made, here's a link:

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Hey, so I forgot to check timezones to be sure my "May 19th" was the same as the jam's and thought I still had a couple of hours to submit my game.

Is there any chance to get the submission through or did I really miss out on this beautiful jam?