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In this game you are trying to avoid obstacles and collect food before your energy bar run out for gaining highest score. 

I made this game before for a gamejam but i decided to remake differently. In this new version i tried to make an basic and short game.

I appriciate if you play and write your opinions on comments. Thank you!

This game available for android and browser.

You can jump by touching or clicking anywhere on the screen.

I loved it. Very cute design and nice mechanics.

Çizimler uzun sürdüğünden hikayeyi tamamlayacak kısmını yapamadık, yoksa bölüm geçişlerinde damarlardan başka bölgelere gidişimizi falan göstericektik, bölüm sonlarında virüs olduğumuzdan oraya virüs bombası falan koyucaktık, baya yarım kaldı her şey :) 

Herkesin yorumlarını merakla bekliyoruz :) 

If you go right and fall to ground, kittens legs coming back. This part of level has a bug, sorry for this :) And i maded exit button but i tried upload game as HTML, but not worked, i builded back windows version and i forget re-enable exit button. ( Sorry for my bad english :( )

I loved it! Idea good, art amazing, sounds amazing, game very polished and levels awesome! I had fun :) 

I loved this game :) Good idea, musics and sounds good and not boring :)
But start of the game tools not working on some tiles but after couple of turns it fixed.
( Sorry for my bad english )

Good idea, i liked it but i cant pass that level :) 

Good idea but enemies catching us immediately. If we can walk a little bit faster or run that game gonna more fun. I think you can add running and stamina bar for escaping enemies.

( Sorry for my bad english :) )

I loved it! Puzzles designed very cleverly, art style looks good and game mechanic awesome!

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Chubu is the name of the pink square character and you are trying to solve platforming puzzles.

It just 1 chapter for now. 

I'm planning to do 5 chapters and 10 levels for each chapter.  Try it and comment it please!