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Thank you soo much!

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Thank you! You are right, we will take into account these things to make a better version in the future! Good point! :)

And we are very happy that you enjoyed the game!

Thanks!! We like to read that <3

Thank you!!

Thanks you so much, we are really happy that you like it!

<3 el wi wi

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Thank you for your video, it was a great surprise for us! We are happy that you enjoyed it!  

Thank you! Your game have an amazing art too  🥺

Thankss! The art in your elevator game is so nice too!  ^^

Thank you! Your comments make us very happy !  🥺

Thank you!! Yes, it can be interesting to make a phone version in the future hahaha

Thank you ! We are happy that you enjoy it!

Thank you! Your game is so nice too! 

So cool idea,  the art is so original based in the game boy, but... the real important thing here... There is a second real ending or not?? hahahhaha 

Its soooooooooooooo cute, i really like it, specially the art it´s remember me games like Ori and i love it!

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I like it ! I had a small crash but at the end, but the game is so fun and the puzzles are so smart! The art is so cool too!

Its so cute, but so frustrating too hahaha, but the foxy protagonist is a fantastic point hehehe, the environment and game is so cool!! I love your art!

Its so cutee, and the game design is interesting, other way to create a maze!

It´s so sad that you can't finish it. The art and ambient is so cool!  Good luck if you will try to finish it in the future!

I´m really sad because is really lovely and the game design is so funny... but i can´t play because of the little bugs! But its really cute, i like the meowspooky music hahahaha i hope you can fix it <3

So cute and funny game!! I love the protagonist *-*