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Thank you a lot for the feedback! We will take this project forward and your feedback into account, we are aware of some of the mentioned aspects and have already started working on fixing them.

Thanks for the feedback!


Really cool game with great visuals and sound design!

Thank you!

Yup, the idea started as wanting to make a game where you are the enemy by accident, or where you work against yourself. And that movie sounded like the perfect premise (although I didn’t actually watch the movie, just the trailer).

Yes! If we continue this project we’ll definetly rework some of the movement and the bystanders so its simpler and more clear whats going to happen next turn.

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Thank you so much, means a lot! <3

Thanks! <3

Thank you so much!

yeah time is always an issue :P

Good job! Keep going!

Thank you, it means a lot!

I think what people are trying to say is that mechanically/game design wise the game doesn’t quite fit the theme. Although thats kind of up to interpretation.

Besides that I think the game looks great and plays nicely too! Good Job!

Cool concept! Some things I think could improve the game:

  • Minimap
  • A menu screen with the controls. (specially the space bar to fast forward)
  • Some sort of tutorial, although it was fun to find out the twist by surprise. Other than that, its a very cool entry. Good Job!

Cool concept! I like that the rooms are always different. Didn’t get to fight the boss tho :C Good job!

Thank you so much!

Hehe, thanks!

The Audio kind of hurts my ears. But this is game is weirdly relaxing. Good Job!

Actually pretty interesting. Lacks a bit of feedback about when the player is going to die. But I like how things mxi together.

It was pretty cool when I found out about jumping and shooting down at the same time to jump higher!


The idea is interesting, although it gets a bit repetitive. Could get interesting if you add new types of enemies. The Audio is great!

Great idea! Simple gameplay but really fits the theme! The Audio gets a bit annoying after a while :P Other than that, its great!