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Right, we failed to implement the in game tutorial. Basically,  need to shoot the parcel mailboxes to deliver all the parcels and complete all enemy waves by shooting the enemies. Currently, the game is a bit bugged too, so, the enemies may act weird. 

thanks, glad you liked the design. And agree that some bugs are there and couldn't submit the fixed one in time. Will be updating it after jam voting ends.

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glad you liked it. And right, there are lot of bugs currently and some of which we have already fixed and will be updating when  jam voting ends. We should have given more attention to gameplay bugs and testing them in the given time.

Great work on the game. I enjoyed it through. I didn't die as much as expected too. I reached the level which is the third last in screenshots and it is hard man.

A very pleasant experience playing your game. I like the art style and music very much. Puzzles were satisfying and fun. A great interactive story experience.

A fun quiz game. The audio was pleasant. I found some questions having multiple correct answers though, Like Input.GetKey also outputs true when a key is pressed down. And LateUpdate even though after Update is also called every frame. And yeah few more question would've been great 👍

Yeah, thanks for liking the game. Glad you had fun

yep, thought health pick up won't be necessary for a short ride. Could have added it though. And sorry for ball going outside. Seems like an unity physics issue, would have needed separate collision check script to keep the ball inside I think.

yeah, glad you had fun. Sorry, for the camera issue. Will see to possible fixes for it.

Yep, very thanks. Glad you liked it .

yeah, thanks for the feedback. Glad you liked the game overall. Will be improving the fun parts in future projects.

Amazing game it is. Lot events to play here. Liked the play style and how you designed everything. Sadly I got gold only in first swimming competition xD

A very fun game.  Even though, jumping and crouching were the only thing I was doing, I am really the worst in this game and couldn't complete first half after 50 tries.

yeah, thanks for playing it and glad you had fun. It is very inspiring for any of my future projects.

Yep,thanks. Glad you enjoyed it

Honestly so far had the most fun with your game. Great execution, music, was intense and fun. In browser play my keyboard was not working, so played it with gamepad. Sometimes the shuriken stops in a place and sometimes it fires in wrong direction I am facing.

Glad you enjoyed it. Yeah, I agree many things were confusing. It was half bake plan, and I wanted to simplify obstacles. For coding side I ended up with "False" as the negative things which can reverse your move direction and "True" conditions will give virtual scores only. This is not a good plan, but, yeah, will improve on it.

The game felt unique and very polished in sfx and visuals. Great work. Though, I always felt like everyone hates my fav. The kitty always gains highest points though.

The complimenting booth game is fun !!! Though, the old lady and duck hated me for complimenting their smile ☹

Great effort. Great achievement. The plane looks good and camera was smooth. Just a bit hard to control for me 😅

Really enjoyed the game. Fun Concept. Even mild difficulty was hard for me xD. For some reason my cart was not moving sometimes and stuck on flat ice. But, yeah, it was a lot fun.

yeah, thanks. You should be sleeping according to your resolution though 😂

yeah, thanks. Glad you liked it 😁

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Yeah, thanks. Right, I should have focused more on camera viewing. Yeah, sorry for nauseating experience. I personally didn't find it nauseating, so, I couldn't judge if it could be a problem. But, yeah, will keep in mind about these colors for any future projects 👍

Thanks. About false it may seem illogical, but, I had nothing in mind to make an obstacle for programming category and make it appear simple on screen. So, just went with true or false obstacle for getting confussed or not. 

The game feels very complete for this jam. Fun mechanics and enjoyed all the puzzles throughout. Great job.

Pushing around the ball and hitting the pins is quite fun. A little more difficulty could have made it more interesting.

Thank you for playing. Glad you liked it.

A good adventure and was fun to play with single fun button. The gameplay was very engaging. In the driving level, I was facing game over even though my truck was not colliding but was too close.  Sadly I couldn't complete and was stuck on shooting level and was unable to ring the right colored ammo in right time. But, yeah beside that this game is a lot fun to play.

I liked the controls of the game and the musics was touching the game too. The green blobs were little scarce. Little more green blobs might have made it more fun.

thanks for playing. I see, UI visbilities could have been better.

Thanks. Glad you liked it.

Cool, a satellite launching game. Love the idea and game is fun too. Graphically great too. 

Completed the puzzles with 108 clicks. Very fun game and neat puzzles. Enjoyed it very much.

This game is really satisfyingly fun. The music enhances that mood. 

The game was fun to play. The mechanics are good too. A scoring system would have made it more interesting though.

A game with nice concept and interesting visuals. I just tried holding the space button, I could easily reach max bar level and keep it that level though.

It is very fun to tap the fun button to shoot those enemies. I found that it is impossible to survive when multiple enemies come in same area, but yeah, maybe that is part of game where we have to shoot sooner.