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is my cat suppose to miss 8 times a row?

if ur playing the free version, there is no good ending, oni true normal n bad ending. For bad u needa grab a knife n hide in cupboard

great game, theres just a teeny tiny prob, i cant run when i press shift

i did the same, i just reinstalled it

couldnt finish it cause im a pssy but good game tho

i tried playing on a chromebook in school too. Lagged the whole laptop, couldnt even close the tabs, shouldnt have done that

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bro started flirting w me, low key like it tho

update: bro asked me to strip OO dang 

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i thought i was the only one finding his voice attractive, anyways you found the fanfic??

i looked through the comments and turns out this game is quite popular on bilibili, i think. But cool to see. And they are right, this game is cute

哈哈 😄

might be a bug, the freezer check is part of the story after the shelves. either a bug or all the shelves havent been checked

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Some might not lik this game cause of the controls, the charactr goes everywhere bt where u want it too. But after playing a few more rounds, i feel like thts the point? Its funny tho, he twerks mid air and does stunts idec abt winning it jst funny asf

LOL i hated it at first too, cause of the controls. But ass funny character twerking in the air. idk but i laughed ash

its ok prob my phone

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aftr i installed the game it kicks me out when i try to join. It shows a black screen before kicking me out the game. Is there a way to fix?

? then how to outrun the dolls? Cause they keep catching me. Ive watched vids and other ppls character seems way faster

i just did siri route...and i thought i was gonna end up with him... man

how do i run at the chasing part? my character is rly slow and cant outrun them at all

i was playing for luca ending and almost ended up w a bugbear ending...also CAN THERE PLEASE BE A HAPPY ENDING FOR LUCA

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his always around the garden, forest or kitchen and he skips lessons too so u can skip lesson to meet him 


ohh i see i try again 



oh man how i wished this was longer

most puzzle games get you walking miles to find a small piece of object and gives you little to no hints TT im alr bad at puzzle games so it doesnt make it any btr this was v ez and fun  :)

nvm im still stuck how mny eyeballs are there in the room? AHH this is so confuse i am v confuse

lol nvm just after i typed this comment i finished it :)

does anyone knows how to get pass the painting one?

This games good, the stairs makes the jump scare more... jumpy?. The anticipation to see the end of the stairs and the corner of the stairs. and i like the vhs style, it makes the place look dead and creepy.

this is great although its a little confusing at times because idk what im doing, i watched a walkthrough my bro said y r u watching a walkthrough for a puzzle game. LOL i jst want to finish ze game so. Nice game tho!
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