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Oh boy, what a hottake.

I don't even need to play the game to tell you that, DOOM is not your game.

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What a brilliant and immersive experience this was. It felt super atmospheric and eerie, I was completely sucked in this game until the end. The mysterious setting made me curious for more. And with the game's brilliant and suspecting attention to detail as well presentation, I couldn't resist not pausing or stopping - it truly got me on the edge of my seat. Wonderful work, looking forward to future works.

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I suggest you to upload the zip/exe via instead of having an external link to Google Drive, it seems more safe to people that way, plus it saves time for them to do so (additionally, via the app) - not trying to a critic, just giving you a suggestion if you want to see more people checking this out.

just.... leave out the advertisements.

My experience playing it again was excellent! Thank you for the wonderful game :)

It's got a really good atmosphere, although it is very difficult to hear the sound cues due to my hearing loss, so I wasn't able to reach the house. But that's just a one person's problem - it's a great unsettling game!

Great game. Though, still mysterious... what is the code for....

Can't lewd the loli, yet some of her costumes is, ahem, not child friendly.... not really proteccing the loli now huh?
Also, I just want to see the real scene............. but pistol only sounds way too hard. Either ways, cool game

It's actually a popular Unity asset known as HQ Residential House. Don't let this be a bad thing though, it has actually been used by good games including The Survey and Anatomy

Pretty good atmosphere, especially during chases. What really highlights the game is the visuals, which looks very claustrophobic and downright unsettling.

Ok then, what's the problem? Put the money on your account (doesn't work like that also, buddy) if you want to play this game. It's not that hard. You get to have some fun, and get to support the developer.

It's just a scam artist. Game is clearly not emulated, it's remade. There are even cutscenes that are FMV rofl

The overexaggeration of the jumpscares really kills the atmosphere.

And that right there is evidence you don’t take the game seriously, good job

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This is a rubbish game, I honestly don't see how people are getting scared by this predictable and cheesy P.T. clone, this lacks polish and honestly feels super unfinished. And the premise, wtf? This is just another youtuber bait.

Holy shit that was really good, you should be proud of yourself  with what you've made, it actually spooked me out at times

While not amazing, instead of going ahead and try to make your game groundbreaking by implementing advanced graphics or setting, story, etc., it's clear you did best on what you could do - everything feels super polished and show no signs of errors. Props to you for your efforts on this, looking forward to future works

Psychological horror deprives on playing with your mentality/emotions to frighten, disturb or unsettle (that's the definition). This game can potentionally disturb people due to its usage of clausotropy and sense of helplessness (it got me uncomfortable!) depending on what they find scary

You are a fool

Yes, that would help me if I had a slow internet connection that has the speed of a public WiFi from McDonald's, something equivalent to the ADSL connection we all used to have in Australia back in the 2000's. But today? No, internet very much like yours

Turned it on, no difference at all

Hey all, this has been brought up a few times but had not been delivered with any fitting solutions. I am downloading games from both the website and the game launcher, and the download speed is SLOW,  with the speed being around 100 to 300KiB/s.  Slower than what it should be. I download from my internet in Australia, where it is above average - 6MB/s download on Steam, Epic, uPlay, Origin, etc., no peaks, etc., it's pretty fast. So why is it incredibly slow in this case? I've attempted using a VPN, using a Singapore IP address as well a U.S. IP, with no luck. I really wish this is solved in a short period of time because there are countless games I really wish to play but don't want to spend days just to download them.

Hi, thank you for the response - it was clearly better than the response you've made to negative comments. I'll give my response now.

Regarding the first point you pointed out - I didn't mean to compare your games with the indie games I've mentioned (in fact I only mentioned those examples of games to point out some of the well-written games, that are popular, that I love), so I apologise if my comment made you believe I'm attacking you for thinking I'm critising your game for being lackluster or not matching the quality of other indie games - in fact, I've played some jam games previously (72 hours, a week, eg), and I pretty much enjoyed a majority of them. What I'm saying is that I'm not critising this game for not being the same as those indie game I mentioned. So again, sorry about that.

Secondly, I find the idea of taking a different approach to horror tropes interesting, how you added elements of a maze in a horror game to differentiate it from the usual horror elements in games. I can't say I'm with this - mazes are something I don't really enjoy if they aren't utilised properly (with due respect). The problem lies with how the maze and creature is used and utilised in the game - not what is in this game, so it is completely fine if a developer like you decide to put something like a maze like this, it's just it needs to feel 'right'. However, I understand that one, you had a short period of time to develop this (thus it's difficult to polish and etc.) and two, you've gone for a different artistic vision for your game, so for the sake of fairness, I won't comment anymore.

I'll attempt to replay your game again at some point, in a supposedly different perspective. And I'll certainly also attempt your other game. Thank you for your response, and I look forward seeing your future creations (I do not wish to reply again, with due respect).

Oh, I didn't mean the song - it was very fitting. Yes, the sound was the annoying part, unfortunately - it would have been fine, however, if it occured a few times/every so on - having it on repeat actually loses its effect, so if it were to occur a few times, it would have startled the player. But no, that's fine, you don't have to apologise, after all it is only an inconvenience to me and not to everyone

Now, THIS is how you make a good atmospheric horror game. Although it contains flaws and very obviously failed attempts at scaring the player, it still held up and should be considered a good horror game.
What a wonderful setting, by the way. Easily one of the more unique one I've seen in video games.

My only major gripe with this game is the soundtrack used - the fact only one music is used (the music that abruptly stops all the time) made it extremely annoying. Apart from that, it was below good - could have improved on story and tone a lot more better.

This is not a good game. All of it was just you 'running' around the city in staircases and stuff. This is medicore game design, and should not be in a horror game. Not only that, but the story itself is missing. You might go, 'oh but you didn't finish it'. I don't need to finish the game if it takes like 10 minutes just to reach the end via a maze. This impacts the game servely so much that it doesn't compensate for the ending or whatever story is in this game. Looking at the comments, it's very apparent that you are hiding something well-written in this game (considering you had a decent introduction at the beginning of the game), in which I'd absolutely love to see. But put a 10 minute+ maze in it? Lowers my speculations. Trust me, I love well-written games (wonderful indie examples including Umfend, Lost In Vivo, IMSCARED, FAITH...), and love it when games attempt to deliver a written piece of game differently from other games, however you also have to ensure gameplay and fun factor is treated equally as writing/atmosphere. Unfortnately, this game falls in that line. That being said, with your ideas, if you were to balance gameplay, fun, themes, e.g., with your knowledge of writing, you could yourself create a great indie horror game. But for now, I cannot say this is a game worthy of playing.

Good game - you obviously knew what you were doing. Some things could be polished up and all that, but for an entry-level Unity game (as in, a new creator's game), you nailed it. Tone was also really well-done, also, compared to some of the many indie horror games I've played.

This game is interesting but it lacks proper design, especially in maps and gameplay. Too many things are not made clear, and its clear that the game only focuses on a specific audience that gets dumbfounded to actually think this game is controlling your computer. So many things is made clear that the game does not 'act like a real computer nightmare', its not even funny. And the fourth-wall breaks end up being too overused, which makes them look embarrassing since some of them are just plain ridiculous - no one can fall for this. In other words, this game tries so hard to be 'virus-like', it ends up looking too obvious and instead look funny and silly. The antagonist is heavily unoriginal. a JPEG of a skull with scribbles on it is scary? No. It's clear that you have taken inspiration from the likes of IMSCARED, in which I will HEAVILY recommend that game over this.

The map design is horrendous, from countless corridors being misleading to the many rooms not actually containing anything and instead just forcing you to keep walking through pointless sections. The maps themselves didn't make proper sense and connected absolutely nothing to do with the story. For example, see the two screenshots of the room with the flowers and colour circles? Then you go to the 'real' alternative. What does this display? What's the purpose of this? Is there a message?. Speaking of which, I want to discuss the story.

This game, straight from the start, makes no attempts to actually polish its story. From the misleading and confusing stories at the beginning, to the many 'trapped in game' dialogue, it doesn't all blend in and read like a story. It's as if random events are just occurring without any explanation, and no actual plot is occurring. What was the purpose of the 'recording room' part? The guitar photo, the photo of my face, the portals, I don't get it. Why are they here? What's the story? It's impossible to actually assume the story here, as well from before, and way later, we finally 'learn' about the premise of the story - a skull trapped in the game. This has 0 connection with the stuff that was introduced and presented earlier in the game, and frankly, it really lowers the atmosphere and tone.

As for fear, it's 50/50. There are parts where the fear is executed well, but also parts where it feels like it's just trying to scare you at every attempt, using fourth-wall breaks as a method of 'omg look i control your computer haha funny' to scare the person playing. When we reach the part with 'real' alternative shit (makes no sense), it becomes really boring, since there's pretty much nothing going on apart from the occasional skull chasing you parts (which was boring and ridiculous as well). Not only that, but there are also too many ridiculous jumpscares. That pixelated frog thing is seriously not scary at all. Why does it need to jump on my face all the time?

Final verdict, the game is shit. You seriously need to work on your design in future games, because damn, it's so bad in this game. Polish things up, and make sure your games aren't a waste of time for everyone including me, in which you failed to do so in this game.