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Ah, I can see that the "You own this game" banner shows up on the website for games that was in the bundle, that's great!

However, it seems like there's a bug in the PC client, apparently the banner isn't triggered there for some reason even though I'm logged in. Could you look into this? (I'm on version 25.5.1 of the client.) Here's a screenshot for comparison, with the website on top and the PC client on bottom:

Also, as a followup request, can the PC client also have a simple button to show my bundles either in the Library tab or as its own Tab?

Right now it's not even possible to find the bundle in the PC client unless I go to:

  1. Explore
  2. Arrow menu
  3. My library
  4. View All/My Purchases
  5. Bundles

It's almost a tiny "escape room" puzzle just to get to the bundles. :)

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Hey Miracle Moon!

I just remembered this game after I got the messages about claiming the updated version of Head AS Code, so I finally bought Birth ME Code too!

I used to hang out in your Discord years ago, but I quit Discord because I felt I was wasting too much time there (although nowadays I went back to wasting too much time on Reddit instead anyhows...) Maybe I'll check in again some day.

In any case, I look forward to trying this game!