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Yeah! You don't necessarily need a DR background to play.

Ohh no.. I'll have to look into it! It's been a while since I've revisited the code for this small game but I believe something you can do on your end is delete the game and redownload it to start the game anew or you can attempt to delete the persistent data, similar to how it's explained here (except the game name should be shadeofblue).

I'm really sorry about the issue- I'm still learning and seem to have trouble with this sort of thing in my other games, but once I figure it out once and for all, I'll try to update this game as soon as possible.

Hello! The intended order of selection progression is to select the key > clock (poorly indicated by the little rectangle with 4 lines) > desk drawer. The story advances by itself shortly after the drawer is opened and you see the item inside.

Thanks for playing and enjoying the atmosphere!! Please let me know if there are any issues!

Ohh no!! For that section, the route is to start with Starr, select the 'music' choice (I believe it's that one, I can't remember atm-whichever choice ends abruptly), get kicked out, talk to Sylvia (which cues the line "I have an answer to Starr's riddle") and then select either 'hidden' or 'music' again (since iirc I had the conversation flow continue to the other choice if you got one answer right). If that doesn't work there might be some flag shenanigans that might have passed me by... but that chunk of mishap is a mistake on my part, in retrospect I really should have added additional dialogue to further direct players ;;

Not really; whenever I write for Lyle I draw inspiration more from Togami, but even that's a stretch.  His name is pronounced like you're saying "[lie]-le". I can see where people think he's Kokichi adjacent, haha. It's just coincidence that Lyle's a purple antagonist figure!

Happy birthday Sam 😂😂 I'm VERY sorry.

Thank you for playing!!! I'm really glad you liked the new art scenes, it was tough to find a balance between just letting the sprites run through scenes and drawing entirely new scenes for things, but I think I have an idea now of where they're necessary!

The trial was sooo hard to write so I'm simply glad you had an "a-ha" moment at all..!!

And I do have some bust illustrations of the other students in an extra reading post here!

Thanks for taking the time to play!

Can you tell me where exactly this issue occured? There is a dialogue loop in the beginning, but a chunk of dialogue should be a different color and an exclamation mark should pop up next to Rocky, indicating that the different color dialogue should be clicked.

Oh my gosh SAM!! Thanks for the comprehensive feedback!!!
I'm really flattered that you think so highly, honestly... DRL is super work in progress but I'm glad at very least it's going in a good direction based on your comment!

I apologize for the confusion the Free Time Event has caused- I actually didn't learn about utilizing that sort of basic mechanic until very recently and I plan to amend that with my newfound knowledge!

And thank you for highlighting the areas of improvement within the trial regarding CGs and the initial music culprit selection, as well as adding extra dialogue regarding Echo's condition! I still have a lot to learn so informing me of areas that leave more to be desired is well received since I admit having tunnel vision in developing this story.

I definitely have huge plans to go back and expand on a lot of concepts planted in the first half of this series (Prologue/Ch1/Ch2) as I streamline the foundation moving forward to the latter half (Ch3/4)! Your comment gave me a ton of good insight on the user experience side of the game's interactivity and I'm super grateful you took the time to do so!

Thank you!! We've been working real hard and I'm excited for this to hit the Web™! 😊

All the pieces are coming together as the deadline approaches!!!

We have the following good shenanigans:

cheesy dialogue!
cute credits screen!!

...and most importantly...

fun protagonist!!!

Please stay tuned for further development, or perhaps even by the next time we meet: the release of a game I still need to come up with a proper title for...?!

For the past few days I've been ironing out the base foundation of the script so when I finish writing the story, I can plug it in and go! I can say with SOME confidence that all the pieces are there and all are in working order!

To summarize the game, our main character is trying to lift the spirits of her small group since they have found themselves snowed in during an awards night. The gameplay involves talking to the others and objecting to their distressed thinking, as they all believe the night is ruined.

My initial idea was to have the main character have an 'inventory' of statements she hears and when she feels like something is off while talking to the others, she can go into her brain inventory and (Phoenix Wright voice) object! to contradictory things. However, I realized while programming an inventory wouldn't exactly be necessary since the list of things our main character is "storing" only comes up to about 3 statements at most. I discovered while writing the story that the objection statements are employed quite quickly, forgoing the need for anything to be kept for a lengthy period of time. Instead of an inventory, I've decided to use a series of flags to set up a 'faux inventory' mechanic which requires a bit of going back and forth between scripts on my end but I believe it'll suffice.

Lots of setting up the script on my end! It's quite a dry process to record but I will say that it's AMAZINGLY satisfying to get things working! 45 minutes of my time spent today involved looking at a bunch of the following:

So that was fun.

On a better note, I also played with a tiny bit of UI customization!

More to come soon! Yunha's concept art is coming along swimmingly and I can't wait for it to make its debut in the game!!

(1 edit)

Minor update on my end, I've outlined the full story flow (very messily) as well as started laying down the foundation for the game in Ren'py!

Writing is the absolute hardest thing for me so I'll be dedicating a large portion of my time to tackling that... huffs.

How the game actually looks when running! Super barebones.

A stretch goal of mine, if I can find the time AND patience, will be to implement a lil side image for the main character to poke her head in! Otherwise I'll just go with a side-by-side dialogue with the main character defaulting to the left side and the others on the right side.

Mock up I WISH to create. We shall see...

Mock up I'll probably end up using lol.

That's all from me today! I hope to return with more visuals, specifically UI progress, if anything! I don't even know how to share writing progress so you probably won't see much of that from me, haha.

- - -


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Hi all!!! Cynthia here, this is my third time participating in an MFGJ event and I'm psyched to be here again! My other games were Room for thought and A shade of blue, two very different games on their own- the former a first person narrative and the second a kinetic short story with 'room escape' elements. This time around, I've got my learning cap on and I'm tackling a form of inventory in Ren'py (sweats...) along with honing my writing in general!

Before I get to all the good devlog stuff, allow me to introduce myself! I'm Cynthia, a small illustrator, gamedev/VNdev and HUGE mystery enthusiast - big fan of Ace Attorney, 999, Zero Escape, Danganronpa, Ghost Trick, Hotel Dusk, etc. (I haven't gotten around to AI Somnium Files so it is not in the 'etc' pile yet - forgive me).

- - -

In the midst of a snowstorm, four employees of the newly successful music retail company Masters Records find themselves unable to progress to an awards ceremony due to heavy snow. Taking shelter in a nearby mountain lodge, the four are stressed and upset that they won't be able to receive the award they all worked so hard for. However, newcomer Rocky is quick to look at the brighter side of things and tries to help the rest of her coworkers enjoy themselves regardless the award!

- - -
The cast!

(Main character) Rochelle "Rocky" Rhoyle

  • Rocky is a casual, laid-back, lover of talking peoples' ears off, landing her the position of public relations officer. As such, she finds herself in the midst of crisis management... within the group.
  • As a newcomer to the small company, Rocky still has some things to learn about her fellow coworkers...

Starr Dominic

  • A well-to-do numbers person who believes everything must be earned, Starr is rather tightly wound and unintentionally callous, resulting in her being difficult to approach.

Sylvia Masters

  • As the young proprietor of Masters Records, a newly successful retail music company, Sylvia is the clever businesswoman behind it all. She can be rather airheaded during certain social situations, however.

Loren Lovegood

  • Loren is an impressionable office administrator that will always give 120% in whatever task needs to get done. They are an enthusiast of mysteries who often inserts their enthusiasm in misplaced scenarios...

Brigid Solomon

  • Brigid is Masters Records' stern legal advisor who's always about facts in the work environment. However, her personality outside work lacks the courage her advisory side displays as she has some trouble with her self-confidence. She finds herself at the awards ceremony by herself, nervous about accepting the award since she always thought of herself as a 'second fiddle' of sorts to the grand achievements of Sylvia.
- - -

So far the story outline has been fully plotted out! I will be working in-depth on creating the main mechanic of the game which will essentially function as a casual contradiction/objection mechanic, wherein Rocky will begin to remember select statements after the employees express their dissatisfaction on their snowed in predicament. As the other employees are spread aimlessly throughout the lodge, Rocky will take it upon herself to try and make the evening enjoyable for the rest of her coworkers by quashing their worries. Rocky's penchant for being generally nosy and remembering what people say will contribute to her trying to remedy the stressful situation the employees find themselves in.

I'm still sorting the mechanic out in my head, so please forgive me for not detailing much here. I hope to work out a form of the mechanic come this evening!

My main focus for this game jam is definitely going to be writing and programming- two areas that I feel I could improve upon in my novice stages of learning about development, so my devlogs will be on the more wordy side than visual as I share my trials and tribulations!

- - -

That's all from me, however there's more to be seen as I have the pleasure of working alongside the amazing artist dotoriii! I am leaving the character designs in their greatly blessed hands- they are in the midst of designing the cast, so please stay tuned for their post regarding that!

- - -

[Edit] The team consists of:

  • 💻 mythridate (me!): writing & programming
  • 🎨 dotoriii (artist extraordinaire): character design & artwork

And for the sake of staying within scope, music will be pulled from The Sound of Picture.

Thanks so much! I would really love to pursue this line of work too :'D !

Thanks for enjoying so far!

& Unfortunately, I do not- Discord stresses me out.

I'm happy to hear it worked out! I'm sorry that the problem occurred in the first place- I'm still trying to figure out what would have caused it to prevent similar problems from happening in the future...

Thank you for your words of encouragement! I realize there are a TON of questions in Ch1, but I promise they'll be cleared up as the story progresses! I'm quietly plugging away every day so hearing such supportive words really motivates me! 💛

Sorry for the late reply, I was trying to replicate the problem on a separate machine but couldn't seem to get it...

You can try to delete the persistent data which will be located in both the game's files under [saves], as well as in your main save directory. Depending on your platform, that save directory will be found in different places as shown:

Mine on a Windows system, for example:

Deleting everything in both the game > saves file and the save directory (in AppData) file will clear out all saves and persistent data, resulting in a clean slate. It should look like this in both files.

From here, the game will act like new and the choices should work as intended.

Please let me know if you need any more assistance!

Hi, sorry about that issue!

The intended method of continuation is to talk to Sei, Kanon and Forte (doesn't need to be in that order) at least once before selecting Lyle. Try reloading the game from any point before that and select the students as mentioned above.
Please let me know if you have any further issues and I'll try to walk you through another solution.

I believe so! I don't have an Apple system on my end to test, but so far I haven't received any  issues regarding the mac versions of the game provided.

Thanks for the feedback! I really appreciate you taking the time to construct such in-depth feedback since thus far I haven't encountered much criticism. Which isn't to say I'm perfect and immune to it (because of course not!), but I would love nothing more to be brought aware to the areas I'm lacking, since it helps me focus on areas to improve. 
I fully admit that I'm not a strong/confident writer so I'm painfully aware of my faults when it comes to writing a mystery since I'm my own huge critic as well, but I'm also in my own head a lot so your points have shed a lot of light on my shortcomings! Especially regarding the case involving the killer + motive & trial logic; I'm crafting a rather specific situation in the overall scheme of things so it does require some mental calisthenics to believe some of the things occurring. But I also realize that my existing dry writing style itself doesn't lend itself to the high stakes killing game scenario I've found myself writing.

If I may be candid, at a certain point in my planning, the execution was never going to be a huge presentation (despite Danganronpa being remembered for those short movies). It's simply beyond my capabilities at this moment. It was a feature I cut for my own sake since I was more focused on the overall story I was trying to tell. I might consider retroactively adding them in the future, since I did create storyboards for many of them, but as of writing this, I simply don't have particularly strong feelings about animating them.

Once again, thanks for the feedback! I'll be considering these points and applying them to strengthen my writing and story execution going forward! And I hope to hear further improvements I can make for Chapter 2 as well! 👍

Despair has been unleashed upon the world but a sliver of hope remains! I promise it won't be all sad throughout Lapse...! :')

Certainly- I would love to see the cosplay as well, if you're comfortable with sharing!

I'm pleased to hear you enjoyed it! I'm definitely going for a very specific flavor of despair and heartbreaking is just part of the scheme..! 😂 Thank you for your enthusiasm, I'm working hard on bringing the despair!🥀

Thank you! I hope you enjoy the story as it unfolds, as well! 🥀

& Yes you may! I would love to see pics if you're comfortable with that!

There's very little actual gameplay besides requiring user input at certain times. Lapse is a kinetic novel rather than a full game since I only have myself working on the whole production.

Excellent! I hope you enjoy the game! 👍

(1 edit)

I believe it's an error with ren'py not supporting multiple languages in it's file path. I replicated the issue on my system with Japanese and  I got the same error. 

Try moving the game folder (DanganRonpaLapsePrologue-1.2-pc) to an English named folder and running from there. It seems to work on my end after I moved it, but please let me know otherwise.

Thank you, I'm planning for 5 chapters!

Sure, would you mind explaning your steps in trying to open it?

Thank you! I'm glad to hear you're enjoying the story so far! I hope to deliver a similar suspensefulness as the main games to honor Danganronpa as a whole! 😄

Gameplay for each chapter runs generally 1-2 hours, depending on how fast you read.

As for development, the prologue and Chapter 1 took about a month, and Chapter 2 took 2 months.

You bring up quite an interesting angle - I admit I never considered the possibility of alcohol being used to wash the initial suspects' hands. This was a difficult case and trial for me to write overall, so that possibility went over my head as I was more focused on the trust aspect of it all. In that case, the students really were lucky that "alcohol hand washing" wasn't the reality!

I can only earnestly say the suspect's innocence was truly proven through trust since that's what Chapter 2 revolved around- a suspension of disbelief was required for the prime suspect and once it got to the point of the kiosk message, the case would become clear given the motivations.

Thanks for bringing this contradiction to my attention, it's definitely something to consider in future cases!

Thank you! This case was a challenge for me to figure out, so I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I'm working hard on getting this story out for everyone to enjoy (or rather, feel horrible from given the despair...), so I thank you for your interest in my story! Such kind support keeps me going!

& happy new your to you as well, here's to 2020!

Thank you!

Hehe, yeah someone else brought it up too, and I thought it was very fitting for Forte! However Forte is actually based lightly on Simon Blackquill 😅 ( an interesting coincidence nonetheless!

Thank you so much for enjoying the story so far! ☺

I'm pleased you are enjoying the trial experience! I emphasize making the discussion flow as naturally as possible while still maintaining the air of intrigue, so I'm glad it's managed to work out!
This case in particular took quite an effort to piece together in my head, so I'm very flattered that you think so highly of the case and the overarching mystery...!

& I'm especially glad you like the characters! I tried to make it a point that every character has an absolute relevance. Something I wasn't particularly fond of in the main games was with each chapter the deceased characters aren't regarded much after the point of their passing, therefore I wanted to remedy that with my own characters and their unique traits. I'm happy to hear you've caught on to the individuals' developments!

Thanks again for taking the time to leave such a lovely comment, I hope you can look forward to future installments of the Lapse story! 🥀

Thank you! & Oh no, luckily there's nothing too damning in the first few minutes of Chapter 1... but I can imagine how strange it is for the story to jump right in like that, haha! I have a collection right here for ease of access, if needed!

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it! I'm particularly fond of the question segment myself so I'm pleased to hear you thought of it so!

Chapter 2 is coming along swimmingly, so there's more excitement to be had soon! 😄

Oh my, thanks for stopping by and playing 😊 I hope you enjoyed it regardless your background knowledge on Danganronpa!
& I'm very flattered to know you'd like to support the game; your appreciation and enjoyment speak volumes enough!

Thanks so much for enjoying the story so far!

As for the investigation, this one's length is wholly intentional. I meant for it to introduce the player to my style of presenting the investgation which is segmented into two parts: discussion slides for other character dialogue/observations and point-and-click for scene observations. So in chapters going forward, as players continue through my take on the DR format, there's an established concept from the get-go that's easy to grasp. With that being said, the second investigation coming up has a much much more to look at! Rest assured, there's more interactivity to be had soon! Thank you greatly for your feedback and I hope you stay tuned for Chapter 2!

Thanks so much! I really appreciate the support, it means a lot and keeps me going! 😊
I hope you enjoy Chapter 1 after you get through the prologue, as well as the upcoming Chapter 2 which is in the thick of development at the moment!

Thank you again!

Thank you, I'm happy to hear you two enjoyed it so much!

& thanks for your support, I'm doing my best to get this story out for the world..! 😊