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cant say its sentient yet, but modern ai chatbots have gotten pretty damn convincing

just curious, but is this still ongoing, completed, or abandoned?

So I follow a ton of games and developers of game that I am interested in, and they number in the hundreds by now. Recently, I discovered one of the people I follow was banned and is gone from my list. Now I dunno if more ppl I've followed have been removed or not, so I was curious if theres a way to check if any other ppl or projects I followed were removed so I can try to find them elsewhere. Thanks

“If there is a hole, there is a goal” - Master Oogway.

so is this the final version?

is this game fully completed or still in development?

is this game completed yet, or still in development?

Stream Halogen - U Got That (Official Audio / Ricardo Milos Meme.) by Timo  | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

is this the full release and completed?

hell yea, keep up the good work

thats great, looking forward to it!

is this game fully completed or still being updated?

do you guys have any plans for future games?

any ideas about roughly when the game will finish?

the rock was too powerful

will there be dlcs and extra content in the future?

is 1.0 the final version?

if you press more information, it says latest update was 99 days ago (around 2022 September), they just haven't made an update log since 2019.

hell yea, looking forward to future updates

is this game fully completed?

so altho the main game is done, yall are still working on side quests?

happy new years

happy new years

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can i play this before playing your other game? (will i understand the story/ will i spoil anything)

is this still being worked on?

congrats on finishing the game, looking forward to future games

i dont think a small nsfw game developer makes as much money as EA. kinda hard to compare the two

and if its not the latest version, how would i update it?

is this the latest automatic1111 version?

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im not sure how difficult this would be to do, but instead of making them separate versions, what if you made an option where you can toggle between the different designs?

thats unfortunate cuz your work is great

hell yea, you going to work on any future games?

hey, you planning on makin any more games for any of the other danganronpa characters?

hey, just curious but how close do you think you to finishing this game?

so is this game completed?

just curious, how many episodes are you planning for this?

i asked around and there's something called Deforum Stable Diffusion:

i have not clue how to use it but some ppl might find it cool

ah, this is sad to hear, but i hope the best for ya

recently ive seen some rlly cool ai animation videos that show a bunch of ai generated images together like an animated video using stable diffusion and I was just curious if its possible to do with this?