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is this completed?

will there be dlcs and extra content in the future?

is 1.0 the final version?

if you press more information, it says latest update was 99 days ago (around 2022 September), they just haven't made an update log since 2019.

hell yea, looking forward to future updates

is this game fully completed?

so altho the main game is done, yall are still working on side quests?

happy new years

happy new years

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can i play this before playing your other game? (will i understand the story/ will i spoil anything)

is this still being worked on?

congrats on finishing the game, looking forward to future games

i dont think a small nsfw game developer makes as much money as EA. kinda hard to compare the two

and if its not the latest version, how would i update it?

is this the latest automatic1111 version?

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im not sure how difficult this would be to do, but instead of making them separate versions, what if you made an option where you can toggle between the different designs?

thats unfortunate cuz your work is great

hell yea, you going to work on any future games?

hey, you planning on makin any more games for any of the other danganronpa characters?

hey, just curious but how close do you think you to finishing this game?

so is this game completed?

just curious, how many episodes are you planning for this?

i asked around and there's something called Deforum Stable Diffusion:

i have not clue how to use it but some ppl might find it cool

ah, this is sad to hear, but i hope the best for ya

recently ive seen some rlly cool ai animation videos that show a bunch of ai generated images together like an animated video using stable diffusion and I was just curious if its possible to do with this?

as far as i'm aware, there aren't. it'd be cool if they added it in the next update, if the user wanted to exclude certain results. thats just a suggestion tho

a slight bug report, ive notice that everytime i delete an image, the previous image duplicates. So when i delete a bunch of images, i end up with dozens of the same image. and when i try deleting any of the duplicated image, it deletes all of duplicate images including the original. 

hey, i noticed that you started a new game, does that mean this game is completed or is it still ongoing?

i noticed that this is now v1.0, does this mean that this game is completed or is it still ongoing?

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thanks for the reply, I have another minor questions though, what's the difference between the grey slider and the white slider for each of the options?

also, theres an image i generated but its sort of cut halfway. How would i change the width of the image and generate the other half of the image as well? i tried dragging the image the input but i cant seem to increase the width resolution and it just stays the same and cut in half. any recommendations? (sorry for asking so many questions, im just fascinated by the ai)

hey, whenever i try generating anything, the faces are always distorted and horribly messed up. i tried turning up the better face scale and tried clicking on the face icon but the results were always really bad. any idea how i could fix this?

also, you mentioned inpainting as an option and feature but im not quite access this feature. 

looks great

yooo, although March 2023 seems so far away, glad to see you guys are still working on this!

damn, the game looks fricken dope. do they have an account on itch where i can follow em to keep track of their progressed?

is this a full released and completed game or is it ongoing like your other ones?

hell yea! new content! keep up the great work!

hey, this is rlly cool but i was just curious if how any versions this game are planned to have?

hey, im just curious but how close do you think you are to finishing this game? 

hey, how close is this game to being completed?

hey, will your game sever be downloadable in the future or is it exclusively browser games?