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Cool! Here's a link to the forum:

If you want to access the slack, that's where the majority of the conversation is now-a-days, pm me there and I can get you an invite. :)

Me, on there: 

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Hey sorry to butt in, this was made for the biannual, Idle Thumbs Community Wizard Jam. We have a load of people who love talking about game design and development, even a Slack channel where we discuss game dev and design outside of the jams! jdaliz let me know if you'd like to join, we'd love to have you. :)

Rogue robotic rogues from a rival company are trying to steal the data on your company's mainframe.

You are the mainframe's automated defence system, and it's last hope...

Left click to shoot, right click for EMP, protect your data at all costs! (Shoot blue robots to retrieve data)

This game was made for Wizard Jam 2016, details here: