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I recently acquired the game after having seen a twitch stream of it. Really liking it so far but there's only one thing that I could pick at and that's the world map. Most of the time that I open the world map it's just a solid black with markers on it here and there at the edge. Unfortunately since there's no sort of texture or anything like that to the black it's VERY hard to tell how your scrolling it and the world map is never centered on  your character. I have extreme difficulty in finding my character on the map due to both how big the map is and how hard it is to tell if I'm scrolling the map in one direction or the other.  Honestly when I opened the map the first time I seriously thought that the map was bugged as I did not see anything but black. 

Things I think could be done to fix this in future releases:

1: I understand the concept of a fog of war. It would be nice to have some sort of texture or something though to give you the 'feeling' of scrolling the map around rather then just black nothingness and the sliding markers. (likely implemented when graphics are implemented)

2: Some sort of centering button. It would be nice to have a button or key press when the map is open that auto centers the map on the character minimizing the amount of tedious scrolling you have to do to find where you are on the map. (potentially easier to do as of the current state of the game)

Outside of this one issue I have been enjoying this game quite a bit and I'm looking forward to seeing where it eventually leads.