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Hey mate, I would really appreciate if you could make it compatible for Android, all the sites that I could find that have it posted to Android are full of scams, Flooded with adds & pop-ups and all those sites want you to sign up and pay for a premium membership just to download the game...

If I was going to Pay to play the game I'd rather Pay & or download the game from the original creator of the game and not some sleezy scam artist from in a who makes money of other people's hard work and passion...

Please please bring this game to mobile to the best of your ability, this game genuinely looks like an amazing Gem to play.

Definitely love where this is going, sure the sex isn't particularly long or spectacular but there is definitely a lot of heart and passion out into the story, I'm a little conflicted about the branching story but I think that's just because I struggle to make choices that effect game endings eventually...

I loved what I played and I joined the discord, I definitely loved the artwork of the more realistic versions of the existing characters in Tales of Unity, I'm sure if you could have done that you would have but definitely would love to see that happen one day if at all possible... Anyway love your game keep up the great work, just need a little more work on the Grammar errors but great work.

Cool, thanks for getting back to me about this subject, to be honest I didn't actually pay attention to the file size since my Phone has 256GB internal Storage but I forget that not all people are so lucky to have devices with such storage, though your decision makes sense now that I am aware of the download sizes, anyway thanks and keep up the work and passion, your doing a community proud.

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Do I download day 1 and day 2 or does Day 2 comes with Day 1 and all previous stuff, if not is it possible to roll all updates into one download for each flatform, I Primarily use Android and I'd rather download One APK file and download the same file again at a later update when there is a new update. Thanks 

Awesome my dude that sounds great, can't wait until I could afford a great PC myself and getting into game development, I'm genuinely happy with how many people are doing this

While this game isn't fully available or anything wouldn't mind not having certain parts cut out due to it being a demo, I think the patron for newest update and 1 month later public update is a good model to go by, I'm curious how you'll be juggling 2 or 4 project by the look of it though

So am am really loving this game, I am happy that most of the NTR content is optional and doesn't have any negative effect if I opt to avoid NTR.

I wish that on mobile (Android) I could hide the text diolague So I can see the renders fully.

i would love the option to Un-train certain Creed skills such as "Public Use" I tried it out on a character to see how I felt about it but I don't want to go back to a old save to remove it, I would love to be able to remove public use or at least toggle it on or off.

some more Animations might be nice if possible, I am sure it's already a lot of late nights of hard work already.

I am curious if there other plans to implement more out there kinks such as pregnancy, dungeon, Urine or anything that isn't already implemented, I really loved the whole cream into the coffee idea, would love to see that expanded upon some how, ha lol maybe even milk the Coffee shop ladies for their brest milk reducing "expanses" or something anyway just a suggestion, love the game and hope to see much more soon

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Cool, thanks... I'm not sure if your are using Replay or what's it called but I thought it supported both computer and mobile though I only know a very small little bit about Unity and Unreal Engine, I don't actually know if either are able to make a decent visual Novel or anything similar to it since I have only ever managed to learn how to make a plain figure run on a Photoshop texture in 2D like sonic or mario, I didn't learn much more then that from YouTube since my computer is just a Surface pro 4 laptop to weak to make anything decent 

Any chance of a Android version, I played a little on PC and it looks like it would work on Android, I'd be more comfortable if I didn't have to sit at the PC to play anyway thanks and hope to see a Android release

i haven't played yet but I was wondering if the NTR was optional , I am not a fan of NTR though i know some people are

Ok now I've played it... So far it's fucking brilliant... Definitely want to see a whole lot more soon, can't wait to have my own space Harem and the story so far is definitely Gripping.

So far the only suggestion/ feedback that I have is that In the future updates if possible I want to see a little more focus on the Animation during NSFW scene's, I find that it definitely helps when there are a few more frames of Animations that help to smooth out the motion and feels less like a bad frame rate from a FPS game otherwise I love everything so far... I just want to see more sexy smooth animations, not saying add more sex scenes but just a little more put into it

Thats me looking from the standpoint of someone who has high standards so if you can't or don't make those adjustments that's fine I'll still love this game from what I have seen... Phenomenal job mate.

you're very welcome mate, I wondered the same thing myself a month ago.

I could be wrong I have never played the Alpha or Beta... But I have downloaded a public update on (Android) and during the (Install APK) process my phone just said something along the lines of " this is an updated file of existing APK do you want to update, this will  it delete or remove any existing save files or data" so I press ok and it was all good no changes at all

I think I was incorrectly under the assumption that the main game was free and I had to use some rename thing to play the main game rather then the stand-alone stuff, I now see the main game is a standalone purchase in order to play it, my bad 

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Was the game supposed to end right after the pool party? I feel like the screenshot on this page advertising the game shows some stuff I never got the chance to see? I hope I didn't some how end the game sooner then expected I had no hints and even have multiple saves just in case.

Any idea when we might be able to expect more content, it's interesting love the graphics and all though I definitely want to see where this goes... I am hoping that you eventually get to fuck all 3 family members and their friends and actuall be in control of the situation, right now it feels like he's just getting by on luck and isn't really getting any action, for cousins especially Kate with how flirty and open they are you'd think they might have fucked by now, I guess what I might be saying is so far it's a lot of teasing...

I want to see if it's possible to save Aiko in same way and maybe get her on my side and make her a horny ally... Maybe work my way into Kate and Monique's pants through some sort of corruption/lust... I'm actually kinda interested in seeing the sisters be friendly and on my side and maybe work on some sort of plot against Sarah, I definitely don't trust her and don't like they way she treats Aiko, 

Idk I'm just hoping there is an update soon because it looks like there has been mechanics put in place that are being put to use yet like the (Affection, Lust, Obedience, hate) thingy, I definitely really want to see what I can do to eventually turn everyone in some way into my obedient partners or harem, I have no idea what you got planes but I definitely want to see more 

I don't know how to start the main game, I got the Lewdmas lewdYear one but it says something about entering the character names again and the names are filled in so do I delete the name then type the same names back in or what ? I think there should be an option in the main menus to pick what you would like to play, if I figure out how to play the game I'll change the comments with some actuall feedback when I get the chance, thanks

Hey, I just finished the Prologue, so far I have to say the Animations and Graphic are absolutely amazing especially compared to many other "Erotic Visual novels" I just love how life like and smooth all the movement is and the voice acting was amazing as well in the Prologue... I'm looking forward to play more of this for sure, there are many other games that I love as well though none of them have the same level of quality when it comes to the sexy stuff... Congratulations mate, great effort.

I hope that the voice acting will still be there and free in public versions or at least later on, I guess I'll find out however I understand why it was made a patron thing when you consider that the Voice over actors need to make a living as well

Good game keep it up

When I downloaded this game I didn't realise how new it was especially because when I started the game it said it was made for older versions of android Soni assumed it had a lot of content unfortunately it does not however I am very interested in this game... I really hope it turns out a lot like "Harem Hotel" just with a shit load of none humans (human are fine) 

Constructive criticism/feedback

1..would definitely love to see more content soon this game peaked my interest and I feel it has potential for a great story as well.

2. It's my personal preference but I do like Lighter skin girls such as the Witch and not much Darker then the Kate lady you first meet in the kitchen, just my preference and I noticed a lot of darker tones then I am uses to seeing in other "Erotic Visual novels ".

3. Please let me smash that Fire fox girl, the game is to knew to tell but I am hoping a part of the games main plot is eventually Ruling over that works and eventually being able to make everyone your server or at least fuck everyone and still be long of the world hehehe (I'm a fucked up bastard)

Love to see more soon mate this has definitely peaked my interest especially if it's anything close or like "Harem Hotel" even if it's not as emotional :)

haha awesome, thanks mate, this is more then a porn game, I mean I hate reading books but this is so much more then interactive porn, the storyline and everything has me hooked, if I wasn't a broke ass bitch I'd be a patron member, keep up the awesome work and thanks in advance if you release the update early

When is the next free public update if you know roughly when it will be available?

I'm writing a new Comment now since I'm near the end of my current update version available for free

As many said this game is amazing and more then just a porn game, it's got a lot of heart and work out into it and with that said I'd love to make a few requests/features if you're interested even though it would increase your workload... I'm still going to love "Harem Hotel" even if non of this happens but I can still dream.

1. More Animations and less Stills especially when it comes to the Ahegoa face's... Hmm yum

2.(Spoiler ish) when taking "Android" out on a date to a restaurant that later rejects her... Just a moment before that you run into a girl with her own Android and in diolague the android says she can't scan for an interdimensional identities or something, I really would love to see that expanded on maybe Android could scan you and say that home how you are different or a letter hidden by your grandfather or something because it would be cool if your from somewhere else and you don't remember your past as well as you thought, giving the Main Character an interesting history/mystery

3. I would love to see new Race's and Species introduced like vampires and a succubus (official but less hectic then Violate) maybe actual Neko girls (cat girls) 

4. My favourite but less likely is some voice acting even of some of the moans can't be pronounced but the Subtitles will get the point across

5. Maybe a slight graphical upgrade to character skin textures just so it looks a little less smooth and more detailed assuming my Android phone can handle even seeing a character with higher skin textures/hair pollycounts

I know any of this would be a massive amount of work but it would be awesome if any of these actually happened... Anyway love the work and heart you have put into this amazing experience

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Honestly this game surpassed my expectations... It's an amazing game that has interesting diolague and personalities for each character, my only complaint are very minor and I am sure could be fixed eventually with an update patch.

1. I'm dying for a new update and fresh new features 

2. Very rarely but I had to Re-read a sentence maybe 3 or 4 times because one world didn't really fit into a sentence or was a word ahead or behind where it should be however it was very easy to understand the diolague text and move on... The UI for the Quests section some times requires a few Tapd to open, could be that I don't have small figures but maybe a slight adjustment to the UI and larger button icons in some areas might help give us a smoother gameplay.

3. More like some suggestions and potential features I would love to see apart from what you already have planed and working.

I'd love to see more animation if possible for instance when a character is talking there is a little movement like they look around or so on when in diolague with a character and maybe slightly more animations in the sex scenes if you have time, so it feels slightly more like decent hentai a great example of what I mean is when "Trixi Star" the dance teacher gets the students to dance the dance animation was absolutely brilliant, would love to see a little more life like movement in other scenarios and existing sex scenes or conversation just so it's less static...   It's great so far though :)

I know we already have states and some work in progress stuff but it would be cool to eventually have a slightly more social media aspect to the game such as how "Priti" helps us set up a social media profile, it would be cool to be able to text other Staff and students, maybe eventually leading to new features and benefits based on popularity and hornyness levels and so on.

That's all I got for now, love the game and keep the content coming:D