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yeah but does that just make it Avoidable or Skippable?

Avoidable = can prevent it from happening, Meaning they've never had sex and won't ever.

Skippable = you can avoid seeing it but it's still canon to the storyline, just because you didn't see it didn't men's it didn't happen.

Well I'm no expert or game developer but if you look at the patron I imagine he has enough to work in the game full time and could maybe afford to do the whole "One month late for public release" thing like most Devs do... I don't want to sound rude it he does have Both  Android version, Discord and up to 7 chapters Locked behind Patron... The reason I dislike this is because I feel like we are disconnected from the game, we can't really report bugs or get any news and updates like others, I always felt patron was more for those who like custom renders and other things similar to that but doing it this way feels like he's taken away free advertisements if that make sense, I feel like more could be accomplished if he was going down the same route others devs do with the way they run Patron... I don't think I've seen much or any reply from the Dev on this site either so it does feel abandoned unless your a Patron member

this should be the Game's Link, Mods and patch's i think it's the Developers website but i hope this helps if you couldn't sort it out yourself

I'm curious if the First two girls with you at the start are meant to be your Mother and sister? I've seen Incest patch/mods for it but i want to know if it's intentional because of Patron Terms & Service or if it's the Developers intention for them to be related or not?

hey for some reason i can't download the Windows version of the game, MEGA says something went wrong every time i try to download it.

sorry i don't know how to Censor Potential Spoilers.

hey i don't know if this is a bug but during Chapter 3 i think when you go to meet a contact at "Stairway to Heaven" during the Scene with Venus after selecting the slut mode Venus's Name changes to "Victoria" for 1 Render/Dialogue sentence, i'll share below screenshot's of what i mean since Your Discord is Exclusive to Patron and i have no other way to report bugs.

as i was saying, i don't think the "Victoria" name drop was intentional unless she Hacked Venus into Unlocking the full service because she is watching the MC at that current moment and the MC is unaware?

Oh ok cool thanks a lot I appreciate it :)

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I'm Loving this game so far... 2 things however...

1. do you plan to add sounds effects for the sex scenes like for spanking or the wet sounds from penetration, BTW the soundtrack and Animations are really great especially when it comes to the Elasticity of the Skin and Vaginal/anal area's

2. it's your game and i'm loving it so far but please please tell me that has a somewhat Harem ending, like at the end of the game all the girls are in a relationship with you happily because i don't think i can choose any of them over another, having to pick just  or 2 girls would literally kill me bro... there is way to much work put into these character and story not to Allow the MC to Happily be with them all at once in a happy ending. PLEASE DON'T Break our Hearts mate.

yeah i totally understand the reasons for having patron though unfortunately many like myself can't really afford to back anyone when living fortnight to fortnight...i wish it was just a 1 month wait time for public release like most other games.  

yeah i am having the same issue, i hope it gets sorted out soon.

It looks like an interesting concept/game but I can't play the game because I don't really have a PC atm, I was wondering if you could work on an Android version, I don't care for any compression since I have loads of free storage space.

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As always I enjoyed the new update.

Gotta say Luzane made me feel conflicted but thankfully that's optional not that I didn't do it anyway on a new save because curiosity.

I shouldn't get my hopes up but despite the apparently slim chances I do hope we see Hannah the translator again and maybe next time we might have a chance to recruit her to our Crew as our own translator for future chapters, I'm happy assuming she knows multiple Alien languages or maybe she has an augment allowing her translate multiple languages...

If that's something you've actually thaught about by chance and Haven't yet thaught of a story/backstory, it could be that she missed human company & culture so much she joined, her backstory could be to the MC in that her family weren't really there, and her Employment with the Tubloshi could just be her way of having a place to stay and eat, and maybe now she seeks adventure with humankind amount the Iron Bastard XD since her Job often took her to diplomatic situations she might be someone who has decent amount of world information at least in terms of race and politics I guess.

Anyway it's your creation and we're just here for the ride, I've loved everything so far and I believe I will continue to do so mate, great work.

I agree with you for sure and I know Perverteer has replied but I got a strong feelings it will be very much like he's other game "Sisterly Lust" where you get all the girls to yourself and I assume it would be if at any point in the game if a male was to interact sexually with one of the female of your crew it would be because you had to option to say yes... I strongly doubt any other male apart from the MC will be romantically or sexually involved with any of the woman, I'd consider that NTR otherwise and this game isn't going to have that to my knowledge... So sleep soundly know all the woman will be yours towards the game with none of sleeping with anyone but you throughout the entire game 😉

Yeah I've had the same issue with the Scene Gallery, both my phone and game are updated, the way it looks like it works is that it thinks the first 2 scenes from episode 1 are the same scenes in Episode 2,3,4... It's not a Major issue right now but I'm sure some people would appreciate it being fixed when you have free time and a good mood for it.

Awesome new update 😄

I'm actually a little curious what you mean by "ep003: Add extra doggy render during simulation threesomes (thanks to Merlin)" could you possibly elaborate a little on that in a reply? Shouldn't need to adjust the stuff above since it's so nicely put 😅

I suspect it means I should go back and play the simulation Scene meaning there has been some scenes added to extend  the least pleasant interactions with the Wife farmer and daughter?

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oh yeah no worries, every game has a mistake here or there, ice only pointed it out so when you got the chance you can fix it if you can... As for the updates I'm not expecting you to do larger updates then you already have been putting out, I was just expressing my excitement for the next update when it does arrive that's all 😅 honestly I've enjoy what there is available to play and I'm just going to patiently wait for more ☺️

I'm well aware that people have a life outside developing these great games and for many people they still have a regular day job and can only work on their games when they have the free time and are in the right mood/headspace.

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I should let you know, you've repeated some information on your game description above, should probably fix that...

So far pretty impressive for what seems like your First game, I suspect English isn't your first language because I some times seen sentences written a little weird, it's not to often, I'll try to upload some examples.

Storyline & character are great, love them, so far the only issue I have with the game is the rare grammar/sentences mistakes and the fact that I really want more content lol

Below you should see some images I picked out on my playthrough where I found odd wording of that make sense

the pic above " Don't to get involved in this mess" Should something like "Don't go and get involved in any of this mess" 

the picture below the MC gets called "Her" by Maeve. But yeah it's mostly just small text issue like that now and then otherwise great game and love to see more content soon

So far for me it had about 6hrs of content before I reached the end of what's available I think...

We can't seem to evolve them yet but you can unlock most girls through using the portals to visit each girl and talk to them, as you hang out or explore each area of the map at different times of the day should unlock some events/scenes and allow you to meet new girls.

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Awesome good to know and thanks :)

The description is much better know for sure so many of us have a much better idea of what your game entails 

I haven't played the game yet, I plan to soon but I was wondering if you could add to the games description above what kinds Kinks/Genre we can expect to see in this game or what ones may be available later such as all your vanilla sex, corruption, harem, pregnancy, exhibitionism and so on just so we kinda got an idea what we are looking forward to and it would be nice if it states wether or not the game has NTR or not... Personally I disliked NTR but it would be nice to know these things that's all :) otherwise it looks interesting to play

To be honest I kinda feel the same, I was kinda hoping for the MC to be the only one like it's some power or some mystic shit, I wanted this to lead to a Harem... The game seems Interesting though I'm not a fan of NTR or anything similar or just dudes banging the girls I want to bang in general... So far everyone is just a slut for anyone apart from those who are being blackmailed... I really hope this does lean more towards some form of Haren down the line or at least allow me to prevent certain girls from being with other guys especially Stacey, Lydia, Polly, Lyssa and Daisy, those are the main girls I pretty much want exclusively to myself and probably the barista but I don't mind sharing woman with other woman...

I genuinely think the games description needs a little more information about the game and it's story at the very least it should list some of the kinks/genres, I believe some people should know what they are getting Into and know that certain fetishes might be forced upon you because you have to get enough points to progress... At any rate I am interested in what the next update brings but I really want the NTR stuff to kinda go...

One thing that I do hate about optional NTR is that you still know it's happening or had happened, it would be better if the NTR scene that is optional could be swapped for a scene that you and that girl instead of another guy that way myself and others don't have to live in denial... Because these days optional NTR just means " Do you want to witness the heartbreak/back stabbing or or pretend it Didn't happen"

Awesome, it's great to see the suggestions for a map system was implemented... It also looks like a really cool map as well 😅and your not wrong about loving animations, it's actually a deal-breaker for me if a game doesn't have any... I love the story in games and all but I need that Animation fix XD well anyway this next update seems cool, I can't wait to play it ☺️

Ive just gotten into chapter 3 at the moment, please please don't allow anything to bad to happen with that creepy fat bastard and the girls down the road... 8 genuinely enjoying this game and all the crazy shit but I have to say I feel the same anger as the MC about that creepy fuck, it's hard not to project yourself into the MC's shoes to be honest after the end of chapter 2 before it said save, man I was pretty fucking concerned and still am. Anyway love the contents so far and I hope it's a happy ending kinda game

Huh... Must be a passion project being worked on in the background by the sounds of it... Oh man I already can't wait if that's the case considering how much I'm loving this game already.

Wait a sec, where are Olivia and Sophie from? I think I've missed something 0.o 

And is Daz3d a rendering program?

its a nice quality pictures for sure and yes we definitely love head pats

Are there possibly any plans to release an Android version, I myself don't care for any compression of any sort as I have an abundance of storage, I can't speak for others but this game definitely looks interesting and unfortunately I only have a laptop and no comfortable way to use the laptop whilst playing this kinda game :) I definitely do hope to see an Android version down the line

i wish i knew the answer myself, I've even requested an android version but so far I've been told someone else out there made an android version that isn't made by the original author/Dev, at this point i'm not sure if it's been abandoned or not yet :(

This game hasn't been updating on this site in forever and I can't find their game on patron at least not this one, I can't find an update for this game anywhere

hahaha cool, yeah Android is pretty popular when you think about the fact that there is likely more people with a phone in their pocket then people have a personal computer to use, don't get me wrong PC is great but some times it's more comfortable to just lay in bed and beat your meat while still reading a fascinating story, I'm someone who hates ready books but these games actually make me want to read, it's always full of story life and personalities and so many of these games are made by like minded people...

Thanks for the Discord link, I'll join it & I'm happy to hear that there are navigation/Ui changes coming.

I always feel a tab bit like a jerk when I give constructive criticism/feedback because I'm worried that we sound ungrateful and we have no idea the level of skill or time the game developer/s have available but at the same time like fuck, if we don't say anything game developers won't improve and grow...

Well yeah no matter how much someone may point out flaws mate just know it's always coming from a place of love and passion.

cool, thanks again and all those others words that get said to show our appreciation

Hey mate I don't know if you got a Discord or anything so people can keep up to date and stuff.

So far I definitely like where this game is going and it's interesting for sure :) I'll leave some feedback below, I'm using Android btw


1- when needing to Tap on a button like the Communications room when Admiral calls, it would be nice to have a Highlighted frame or some sort of way to identify where to tap/click, felt like an old person trying to use a phone.

2- I'm not the brightest person but it would be handy to have a Minimap to help with ship navigation, could even add small little character Bubbles to the Minimap to display where characters currently are or if their available to chat with, I'll post some examples below, you could maybe even have a small map Icon that opens and closes a Minimap :)

3- I don't think I remember any ambient sounds or light background music, it's not important but it really does add a personality and immersive fell, even a slight Humm sound when in the engineering room, some (Beeps & Boops) in the communications room with slight AC sounds maybe.

I'm pretty much very happy with the game otherwise, I'm really keen to see more updates to the game for sure because it has a huge potential 😉

If you're ever interested in being inspired or playing a game with potentially similar genes, try Perverteer's game " Tales Of The Unending Void" the first screenshot of from that game. Good luck mate and love to see more soon and or to hear your thoughts 😄

Turns out there is some policy thing with Patron so that's why, in their discord I've discovered there is a code in their FAQ section that fixes the issue, I don't know if I can say it here so I recommend joining their discord 

mate you have no idea how happy I am to hear that, don't worry though I loved every single bit of your VN equally, it was just amazing to see because it's rare to find these days and in such high quality, hehe I hope this doesn't make you feel like you got enormous pressure now XD but really, I hope that helped fuel your burning desire to keep going strong :)

I'd totally love to impregnate all the woman, I don't know if that in your plans and I am sure if it was you'd probably keep that keep that to yourself so we could be surprised, I could kinda see it happening with sisterly Lust since it had a romance thing we could look at to see our progression, so far though there isn't even a tiny hint of it lol, anyway thanks for blessings us with this project of yours.

Quick question, is this game still being worked on and roughly how frequently is the game updated if it isn't already finished ? I haven't played yet but I am worried about getting invested and after 4 hours or so finding out that I have to wait 3 months for an update or something.

Its a little upsetting to see no comments here, this game looks interesting for sure, quick question and then I'll replace this comment with some feedback/experience once I get an answer.

Q. Is this game still actively being worked on and roughly how frequently are the updates, I ask because it sucks to get really invested into one of these games only to wait over 3 months for an update or nothing at all... Anyway hope to hear back soon and the game before playing it seems mighty interesting.

The things I wish I could say would take to long to write down so here is a small amount of appreciation for your Love and hard work out into this.

"Sisterly Lust" had to be one of the top Adult Visual Novels & now with "Takes From The Unending Void" everything from your previous VN has carried over and improved immensely :D

I wanted to say I really Loved the simulation Scene with the farm mother & Daughter, I greatly appreciated the Dark Aggressive options you allowed us to take, I usually make a Save and Skip that kinda Path for my main story endings but I really really wanted to say that I loved every single moment of that experience and hope to see some more forceful stuff down the line as an optional path even if I just create a temporary save to feed that hunger for the Dark forcefull experience.

Can't wait until the next update.