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Dasius, this version is broken.. like really bad. I'm getting lag spikes all over the place on the lowest settings, so bad it's almost impossible to move where you want, and through doors. I would very much appreciate an older version re-upload if you can, or maybe update this one just enough to make it playable? On a side note, the book in the bedroom is blurry and unreadable. Is there a fix for this?

Fell into the lava while holding the earth crystal. Ended up in the dead blacksmith place, still had the crystal. Stepped onto the teleporter to end up in the church and the crystal is gone. I've looked all around the church for it, but can't find it.

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Start with lighter and limited fuel to start fire (or nothing on higher difficulty) and once that runs out, you'll need some other method of making fire to cook and distill water with.

edit: and I know animation is low on the priority list at this point, but I'd like to see more violent shark attacks on the player, thrashing, biting, dragging you underwater, and give the shark the ability to grab you from the edge of the raft and pull you off.