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OK. I was never at 1 quint. I must have been drunk thinking such a thing. 100 quad was the amount needed for one of the achievements. I have been replaying this recently and I finally have all the achievements. 

It is still annoying that two things to buy are no where to be found. Oh well.

Good stuff. I was hoping for a bit more. I was half expecting to come across Cthulhu on my way up.

Great game if you're into idle upgrades and prestige type games. I have just played it solidly for two days and it finally crashed once I had taken it as far as it could go, pretty much.

The only problem I have with the game is that I would like to be able to lock certain hacking skills so that I cannot buy them, or to be able to turn them off if I do buy them by accident.

Good fun. It would be nice if it went beyond 10 rounds. It would work well as a sub-game in an RPG.

I started this game with 1+113Qu money. I think my money carried over from Idle Orbs.

Fun game but once you get a magic orb the game is quickly over. This took 20 or 30 minutes.

I think it may be something to do with having my browser open for days. I shut down my PC last night and now the glitch doesn't work.

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Not that it matters as the goal of the game is 45T, but there is nothing beyond T, not Q just more T.

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At level 90, upgrades become $0 and stay that price. My lawyer is almost level 30000.

It wasn't a dig at your game, just an observation.

I like the fact that you have actual photos in the game. You could even add a strip poker sidequest, or a bunch of strip-games, one for each woman.

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I have been enjoying the game for the last few days since I started playing it, but a major glitch has come up which is nice for me but not really fair. Like I said, I have been playing for a few days, maybe 3 or 4, but my progress bar says that I have been playing for 18 days.

I make the window as small as possible, not minimized, just sitting there in the bottom of the screen and then I do other things. When I open this game a little later, hours, days or more have passed. I am not entirely sure what it is which affects it. Maybe it is playing other itch browser games at the same time in other windows. I am not knowledgeable about technical stuff so I have no idea if this is a feasible way for such a glitch to occur.

I first noticed this today when I jumped from level 12.75 to 13.75 in less than an hour.

I wrote this a few hours ago and now I am at 60 days and at level 14.5.

I play from a country where I need a VPN running to view pornhub. So without having those links to look at, the game is just a non-stop click-fest with little-to-no 'reward'.

Interesting way to do one of these, but isn't this just an advert for pornhub? 

I am very happy that this picture was the first shown. It just goes to show that the devs are all talk and no action. I'll pass on this VN

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Is an update still in the pipeline? I have only been playing for a few days but I'd like to be able to get a few more talent points already, maybe even a new talent which lowers the XP required to earn talent points or makes the progression additive rather than multiplicative.

I think this game needs a top ten. It's all well and good having the top score, but it would be nice to see some sense of progression rather than just waiting almost nine days to see if I can beat prestosilver.

Utterly stupid idea for a game and I am the perfect kind of utterly stupid player for it ;)


You cannot get to the first toilet in time. You poo before it every time no matter what you do.

It's a fun game, but is it unfinished or am I missing something? I have the first 5 museum exhibits but all the other expeditions remain locked.

Hardcore Victory. No scientists.

Fun game. Nice to have a clicker that actually ends. Great music too.

I had to restart during my first run through as I upgraded religion out of sequence and couldn't reduce my religious ants total enough to get the amount of army ants needed to increase my population. Even here, religion managed to ruin everything.

Anyway, all done now and faced with the Phase IV meets 2001: A.S.O. ending.

It's funny the things that I end up obsessing over, but in the list of people who made the game it all looks like the order was made alphabetically except for the final name. Was that name added later or is it just a coincidence that the  other six names are in alphabetical order?

Quite a fun game. I have unlocked many things but I really don't know what I'm doing with the potions. I have made many perfect potions, mushrooms, candles, wisps, light-is-coming and darkness-is-coming, but I don't see any point to all of this.

Can someone point me in the right direction, assuming there is an endgame to all of this.

Annoying game. The cost of things rises far too quickly. I finally hacked the game and even with infinite money, it is impossible to get ten of the achievements.

Try increasing the cost of items at a steady x1.04 or something. x1.6 is insane.

On this run. 

Fun game. I'm glad I explored a bit initially or I would have given up.

Nice little text based room escape. It would be nice if it went further than a 2 minute game.

It's a shame that it stops at the restaurant. There could also be toppings to give variable bonuses.

I enjoyed this one too. I know that it defeats the purpose, but I wish I could enlarge the window!

I got two stars on my first go, I shall play it again some time and go for three stars.

The last three I got were 

Hero: 10,000 enemies killed

Power: Buy 10 each of Fibers, Feathers, Shards and Skins

Wasteful: Drop an Item

This was great fun. Clever ideas here. Good stuff :)

Clever little game which has taken over my browser for the last 24 hours. Obviously there could be adjustments here and there, but I've seen the other comments.

You said:

morphinegames4 years ago

Hey thanks for the feedback! We probably won't fix that because this was just a game jam game, but I am toying around with taking the core concepts into a bigger clicker game.

Did anything come of this?

It would be nice if you didn't have to re-click the thing you want to buy every purchase.

I think that the game is far from complete. I have to assume that all you can do is pick apples and rocks and sell them. There is no beating the game.

You get the 1B followers achievement three times. Once for 1B, again for 2 or 2.5B and again for 10B. It would be nice to get an 'Entire Planet' achievement at 8 billion followers. 

The 'Trending' button makes the game move forward by one second once you have enough excess money to buy it continuously, making it far more effective than clicking the 'Follow' button.

Great. This can't be legal, but it's nice to have a Mario-fix after not having owned a console in over 15 years.

Really? Just clicking a cookie? 

No shops, no upgrades, no fun.

It seems I managed to play this game more than most.

I came up with the theory that maybe with 10 apples, 10 stones and 10 gold, the door at the bottom would open.

It didn't.

Well that was pointless.

...or not. The lack of a save game means that restarting after getting to 2000 MPS is not an option. Also, the global money stops increasing after a while, which leads me to believe that the high score is a joke.

Maybe you should calm down with the rapid adding of games at or else you might add a game with the wrong name.

Too late...