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Hi everyone and thanks for taking a look at Colliderscope. This is a very challenging puzzle game which can easily take over 5 hours to finish even though there are only 50 levels. 

The first 15 levels included in the free version should give you a good idea about whether or not you will enjoy Colliderscope. The full version which costs $5.00 USD includes all 50 levels and also introduces yellow and green block mechanics which increase the challenge even further.

If you notice any bugs or have any problems, please feel free to reach out to me directly via Itch. My goal is for everyone to enjoy this puzzle game and give their brain a good workout!

Thanks again for taking a look.

That’s great! Best of luck let me know if you want a beta tester in the future 

Found you

hahaha that's fucking awesome send me a twitch link

wow! I am really amazed, great job! I have to confess though that I probably won’t be fixing that one 😄

hey thank you! That's great!

Hey thank you very much!

Wow - crazy good atmosphere.

Wow on the sound. 

First of all, great audio! I'm not sure how I feel about the gameplay because I feel like it's too much trial and error. I'm not sure if you were going for a memorization type game, in which case, that makes sense because it's almost like simon in that you have to remember the order of the colors to go through, but that is about the only strategy that you can do

great polish - but i'm also going to vote for a better restart system :)

Probably my favorite so far. I am such a sucker for these types of games. It reminds me of the "impossible game" on ios. Man I had every single tap in that game memorized because I aligned it to the music. This one I couldn't do that, but still very fun. I could not beat the finale world, I had to stop. Great job!

Hi there, first of all congrats on releasing. That is a huge step. Some constructive criticism -  sound goes a long way, I would suggest if nothing else putting some background music and a sound effect when you pick up and put down pipe.  Additionally,  it appears like you are going to put the pipe down wherever you are standing, but it's actually one square over which is a little bit confusing. Good luck on your next game!

Great job on the graphics. My main complaint is the lack of sound and how crazy it gets when you have more than like 2 monsters on the screen. I would have reduced the "quality" of each character and reduced their size slightly so that it could be more clear. It gets very hard to see what's going on. Additionally, the difficulty ramps up pretty quickly which is fine, but since it's very hard to target (hitboxes aren't very clear) it seems a little bit unfair. 

Nice job on your first game jam!~

Great job! I really really liked this one, but I wish there was sound because that would just reinforce the feedback of pressing left right and hitting the space bar. Very fun

thanks! I definitely will 

Hi, did you try the Windows download or the Web GL build? Both have seemed to run fine for any users that have tried them and since they are just Unity builds and not using any post FX or graphically intensive stuff,  I'm not sure why it wouldn't work. Did you get any errors?

Hi there. This was done using Unity 5.6 with a Web GL export. 

Hey thanks for the feedback! We probably won't fix that because this was just a game jam game, but I am toying around with taking the core concepts into a bigger clicker game.

Nice job! I really liked this in concept but I think you need to speed up progression a tiny bit in the early stages because it seemed like no matter how many of the first two flowers I bought, my luna count grew slowly if I didn't tap.

Love the graphics and sound, great job.

Your graphics are really well done. I found the gameplay to be too slow in comparison to the speed of the music. There didn't seem to be enough time between waves to plan out purchasing upgrades making this a little bit more of an active experience vs an idle/clicker experience.

So the concept itself is pretty original and the graphics are nice, but you are going to lose a lot of players very early because there is no light on the horizon as far as clicking goes. I figured I would get the Patience upgrade and that would speed up the rate of LOC - but it didn't seem to, I then looked at the other upgrades available and the closest was 5 modules away and I basically said fuck that. So I watched him and he didn't write any code on his own not even a single line every minute, so that meant I was going to have to click around 500 times to get any upgrade which wasn't going to happen.

OK so I'm not really sure about the point of the game, I did read the instructions but outside of clicking to spawn more creatures, there wasn't much more I could do, I waited around for a few minutes but nothing really happened so I stopped playing. I think you need to work on making the game a little bit more engaging from the start if you want people to stick around. Also since the theme was clicker/idle/incremental - some sort of upgrade system which would allow you to control reproduction rate/throttle it etc. would be welcome. If that exists and I just didn't wait long enough, I apologize

OK I really don't know what to say about this one, graphics are OK but there is something a little bit off putting about the subject matter and imagery.

Great job! This was really really quite well done and simple yet addictive.

In reply to HyperionSniper below - this was a Pico-8 cartridge and those were allowed to use the keyboard since they don't have mouse support, it's in the rules so the game is fine on that front and I would argue that it is incremental since it does have an upgrade system and the ship will start shooting on its own without player input required.

Overall I liked this but I think you need to switch the way you indicate the selected mode, it seemed counter intuitive to me anyways, I kept thinking I was in fishing mode when I was in paddle mode and vice versa. Good simple concept though!

Hey there, so I just wanted to report that I loved the concept but I am not entirely sure on your calibration. So I'm a musician and have a pretty developed sense of beat. I went through the calibration exercises and when I started playing I purposefully had to delay my beat a bit to get it to start moving the cube thing. I really think this has potential, but it was very frustrating having to go off beat to get it to work.

My PC is 32GB memory/8 core and was using Chrome. It wasn't a specs issue i don't think.

Yea once you get Possession - that is when the "annoying clicks" stop, although I did add in a Tap potion of sorts to make that wait a little bit easier, I prefer to just tap on my own and not spend any money until I get Possession

Cute little game

Congrats on finishing your first game! Not bad not bad

Great game, loved everything about it, especially the final bird upgrade although i wish i could have seen my orchard fully grown and had a way to stop them

10320 - and damn my carpal tunnel!! Great clicker game, and the music is really enjoyable surprisingly!

Not bad not bad, the song cracked me up a little bit :) the graphics were cute and fit the environment. It wasn't really an incremental/idle/clicker game in the traditional sense but it was still fun. I am not sure if this is a bug or not but I got killed and I didn't even press any key to pick something up, do you die if you miss JUST ONE thing?

Hey man! Really great job, I loved it. The only annoying thing were the sound effects, but I didn't want to turn them off because I did like the explosion sound, just not the bleeps and bloops. Graphics were great! Nice job!

Hi, so I liked the clean interface on your game and it was really easy to get started, but there wasn't enough visual feedback on the main screen after purchasing things, the only way you know things are changing is that the $ keeps going up.

Additionally, I went through all of the first round upgrades in less than a minute and didn't know if any more upgrades were coming or not (they did) but I didn't have any compelling reason to keep playing because there just wasn't enough visual feedback on the screen. I'm not sure if that changes, but if so, it should happen sooner because your players will give up if they don't get it.

Hey, this was pretty cool, but there wasn't any music. Did you not include it or should it be playing but isn't?

I had a lot of fun paying this! Thanks

Constrtuctive criticism, This was supposed to be a clicker game and clicking doesn't even jump the correct way, you have to use the keyboard to jump correctly...

You are welcome. I love game jams that constrain you in some way. This was a fun one for me, I may be submitting some bug fixes between now and then deadline