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Hahaha! Thanks!

Haha no worries! Glad you enjoyed it

thank you so much!

Thank you!

Thanks so much!

Thank you very much!

Thank you so much. I really appreciate your comments and feedback - the main menu actually lets you turn off the movement "voice" sound effect altogether so you can just have the music. Just press ESC and turn voice volume to zero. Thanks!

Lovely soundtrack and sound in general. This was a peaceful experience that at times became rage inducing :) I have a soft spot in my heart for collectathon games and this satisfied that quite well, my one suggestion would be to somehow indicate where the player is going to land better. At times I couldn't really even tell where I would land and just crossed my fingers. The respawn system also seems a little wonky at times - once in a while I would respawn in no man's land and then I'd move around for a bit before hearing the little laugh and going back to the correct spawn point.

Overall great job!

Thank you so much! I really appreciate the kind words

Ahhhh, I see what you mean, I'll change my theme score a little bit to reflect what you explained. Thanks!

Level 1 was great - I wish there was more to do because it reminded me of a Highlights magazine game (not sure if anyone remembers Highlights). Graphics and sound were great on level 1. Level 2 - I really don't know! It's almost like a different game entirely :)

Thank you very much!

I generally love clicker games, this game needs to give you a small indicator before it switches color or a sound queue, otherwise people are decentivized from clicking more than once. For a couple hours not bad. Thanks for submitting.

Great job submitting! Graphics are good but needs some audio and visual feedback queues. Nice!

A lot of work has obviously gone into this game! I can't score you highly on theme or audio but game design and graphics you are getting good marks from me. nice job!

Nice little game here. It has the roots of something that could be really addictive with a few more little tweaks and additions. Nice job!

For a game that uses the stock unity cube, one maybe two point lights, and a single "heart beat" sound - holy shit, you made something really fun. It wasn't until the loneliness level that I figured out the heart beat lets you know you're getting closer. Fight was really mean man - that level required sheer memorization and that tiny little cube before the final platform was a big FU but I played it over and over until I beat it. I can't give you a lot of stars for graphics but you're getting 5 stars for fun from me.

Thank you so much! I really appreciate it

Yea you know how that goes - I did test that a LOT actually, but since I used the polygon collider everywhere, I'm sure there are spots that I missed. I would have loved to build a custom character controller for this, but spent the time building out levels/art/music etc. and just used the stock rigidbody 2d in Unity.

Thanks for the kind words!

Thank you very much!

Nice job! Good tight platforming mechanics that were challenging but fair. Great music too. I found that I didn't really ever use the attack button and I'm not sure if it was even necessary, but I would pick a different key from J - it didn't feel comfortable to use J for attack maybe E or something closer to WASD. Congrats - great entry

Nice job! I especially love how the title screen is fully black until you move the mouse over it - that was a very nice piece of polish that I didn't expect. Gameplay wise the controls were responsive and easy to get the hang of. The guy floats in the air for a long time but I actually prefer that because it makes hitting some of the platforms a lot easier. My first play through I didn't even realize that there was a battery gauge so you might want to make that more visible so people know it's not unlimited.

Congrats on submitting!

This reminded me of Asteroids minus the visibility! Super difficult. My one suggestion would be to improve the movement implementation because right now it's disorienting - it feels like the whole stage is moving instead of your player. That might have been the intent - I'm not sure, but I never could quite get the hang of moving. Nice job!

Great game and a surprising amount of polish for 7 days - nice job! 

This was surprisingly good! I say surprising because at first glance I did not expect a puzzle platformer that actually had a good mechanic, but this is really fun. I like this a lot and I only have two suggestions

1. Use something other than space bar for the swap mechanic - I guarantee you will hear this again, everyone thinks space = jump, so many times I meant to jump and ended swapping characters and seeing the other one (dying)

2. The eyes bleeding is funny and meme-ish but please make it faster, it's just a little bit too long for a puzzle platformer with frequent retries, maybe just show it the first time at full duration and then make it faster every subsequent time.

Great job!

Awesome job - for some reason this one really captured the feeling of blindly stumbling around a dungeon. The graphics were great and the way you had the text move as you walked had a very hollywood esque feel to it. I was really hoping for more - so that is a good sign that you did a great job!

Hey there - I think you need to put a tutorial up because I wasn't quite sure what the game was about. I noticed it got darker and that if I pressed space bar people shifted position, but that's about all I could figure out. Nice job submitting though - that is the hardest part

Thanks and wow - I had never heard of that game but it is really great!

Thanks so much!

Thanks! It's not cheating if you did it a way differently from how I intended :) it's called being clever ;) Thanks again for playing.

Haha well I'll leave that open to interpretation from the player

Thanks again for covering My Love is Blind - I'm glad you enjoyed it and made it to the ending. You don't see them together I know - I wanted to do a little cut scene but no time left after making 25 levels etc. etc.

I really liked the bleed mechanic - it totally clicked as soon as I started. Nice use of the theme. My only complaint is that the controls felt a little bit floaty at times. Nice job!

OK for pure fun factor - this one is 5 stars for me. Holy shit - this game is sadistic. You have to be dark souls like patient in order to progress if you try to rush ahead at all, you're gonna lose. The controls are just painful enough to make it challenging in a good way. I didn't think I was going to like this one, but I really did. Nice job!

Great job on submitting something. Unfortunately for me this was not playable - as soon as I got into the house everything flipped upside down. At first I thought that this was intentional - e.g. like a twist surprise but I don't think it was because I couldn't really move right at all. Anyways - keep doing jams and each one will get better and better!

Really nice job. The first time that my love walked into the spikes and the level restarted I completely got it and was like - niceeeee mechanic.

Hey there! I enjoyed this one a lot although I didn't understand how the theme fit in - outside of not being able to see very far. Impressive work for only a week - I played through to the very end but I don't think I quite understood the ending. My main strategy was to just keep using the cherry bombs or whatever they were - the rock was painful to wait for stamina rebuild and the dart gun you can't shoot while moving so it was a pain too, but cherry bombs, I just kept hoping to get enough to move to the next room. Overall nice job!

Wow this game is brutal, but I do like the theme quite a lot actually unfortunately I didn't even know what I was supposed to be doing until a few rounds in but I got the hang of it. Very difficult though. Nice job!

So this reminded me of Papers Please. I really enjoyed it! There were a couple though that I'm trying to figure out why I got wrong. For example, you had an Adolf Hitler one and it said he was revived. I was like, OK he's revived so I clicked real. I wasn't sure if within the "world" of this game if that was a thing or not, there wasn't enough info in the profile itself to make that determination so we had to use outside knowledge e.g. that Hitler is dead, to pick the correct choice. I think that's a little bit unfair since I was trying to find real/not real based ONLY on info in the profile.

This is just nitpicking though because I really enjoyed this.

Hey there! Nice animations! For the most part I enjoyed this a lot but my main complaint is that there are times where you cannot see ANYTHING about the upcoming platforms and you basically have to take leaps of faith. Unfortunately you don't have great mid-air control so course correction isn't an option - if you had a mid air dash, at least you could correct if you had quick enough reaction time. Overall nice job!