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Thank you !Good Luck with your game I am  probably gonna play it too!

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Hello! I really like your work on other games! Does this game have sexual content?

Hi I like your graphics I have to ask, are you still developing the game? and if so when is it programmed to be released?

Hello since there is no clear answer I would like to ask if there is sexual scenes/content in the game?

Very  nice work! Will this game have NSFW scenes in the next episodes?

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Also if you could make a gallery for each routes scene I would be very thankful.

Hi On Mike's route Day 5 I only see the Daniel route(with Aiden)!Have you published other routes?

Thanks for your quick reply! Nice job on your projects!

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Do you concider making a gay VN in the future?

Hi Void Star I really like your work! Will you be making a M/M NSFW VN in the Future? 

One last thing in the game start the section "Insert the code". What is that? Does it work for free or it is only for patrons? 

Thanks! Can I ask you a favor? Can you tell what tools you used to make the game?

Hi Luriel! I like your work a lot! Nice Job! I want to ask you about the releases! Do you have a schedule for the chapters? When S2 Ch4 will be out for the public?

Does this game have any gay interactions? Can the MC be Gay ? 

Ok thank you for answering

The main game has some extra content that needs a password. I can't find it. Can you tell me the password?

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Hi Luriel Can you give me the code for the free content that goes with the free edition? I cant find it...