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Very fun to play. I could absolutely see this as a mobile game :)

This game feels very curated, my only appoint would be to vary a bit the sounds (it gets repetitive quickly) and maybe make it a bit faster. Anyway, take my upvote!

I've played too many games like this not to apreciate it. Really enjoyed it. Thanks for your work!

It didn't call me at first, but man, I really enjoyed the difficulty!

One of my favourites! I played it a few days ago, without sound. It feels much better now, but where it excels is in level design. Well done!

I love the tone of the game, also having multiplayer is a blast!

For what I've seen it has one of the coolest palettes and overall graphics of the jam. But the game is glitchy and doesn't invite to replay it.

As you say, not really a game, but it looks great!

This game has this addictive something that keeps me hitting 'r'; good work!

Hahaha Is it only me or this game is hilarious? Also the graphics and the music look really cool!

The graphics are good and the music is there (many games don't have a sound). But the best is the game dessign and the difficulty curve. The levels are challenging but not too hard, and the bar rises at an adecuate rate. It makes for a very enjoyable game.

Will you make more levels? I was a bit dissapointed with lvl 9, I wanted more! hahaha

Pretty cool! Overall it feels a bit slow, I assume it was intentional so it's more GBish? Also I just wish you had put the main menu's music for the races too, I sounds great!

This was the first game I tried in the jam. I was very impressed. It was posted super early and it's very polished graphically and with a funny plot. I almost died when I heard the Tardis!

Simple graphics, solid genre and focus on gameplay. I'd only tune down a bit the screenshake, the effect felt too strong and sometimes unpleasant.

In any case, good work!

Very cool game! Very polished indeed, in all aspects. And I love that it has a vs mode. Also the overall speed really builds anticipation and puts it back into a gameboy feeling.

Only a minor remark here: the keys are assigned by letter and not by physical key. I've played in an azerty (French) keyboard and it was very frustrating not being able to move backwards until I've realized that the A key was somewhere else. Silly me!

Actually it was my first try on Löve (LUA language) with Notepad++. I wasn't too sure about it but it rocks! For a simple thing like this, totally recomended. If you're interested you can read a small postmortem here.

This happened a couple times during development, I'm not sure why. Try refreshing the page or downloading the game.

If you're not on windows I can try and upload a build for your system the day after tomorrow, when I go back from vacation.

Did you throw ALL the babies?? :O

You can throw them above the wall and actually at some point there had been a bug that made them fly.


Just a warning: I've downloaded it for windows and it doesn't run. You might want to look into it. Error code:

"Unable to load mono library from "C:/Users/user/Desktop/gbjam5/homeward/Homeward_Data/Mono/mono.dll" (error = 126)."