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What you do with your game is up to you. By "free for developers," do you mean other people in the jam itself?

We've been seeing people ask questions in the forum, so this thread is dedicated specifically to asking your hosts about any jam details, rules, procedures, etc. Game development questions DO NOT belong here. Post them in the #gamedev Discord channel.

Be sure to check the FAQ and Tumblr before asking. Also, our ask box on Tumblr is open to anonymous questions.

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Development Logs - What are they & Why make them?

Hi everyone! Your friendly co-host Lysander is here to tell you about this miraculous thing called a "Devlog"!

If you're familiar with game development or have been following games in development for a while, you probably know what a development blog is. For those of you who do not, a development blog is a blog in which a game developer or team talks about the process they've made over the course of the game's creation. Maintaining a devblog keeps your audience in the know and helps facilitate productivity so you'll have something to blog about. It also serves as a record of problems you encounter as well as the solutions you find for those problems.

Development logs are essentially the same thing, except we'll be using the jam forums rather than a blog. However, you are free to use both the forums and your own blog as you develop your game.

Doing so is not necessary at all, but check out all the logs from last jam! In order to get the most out of your jam experience, it is vital that you interact with your fellow jammers and the community surrounding it. They'll provide valuable feedback and support to help you along the way. So please, I encourage you to mingle, post in other logs, and of course post your own!

In addition, you are encouraged to add images and gifs. Here's some programs to help facilitate that:

Good luck everyone! The jam is on!

Official Accounts

Game Development


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Twine + Renpy Resource Post

Twine 1.4: Windows, Mac | Twine 2: Windows, Mac, Linux | Renpy: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS

Note: More support and plugins exist for Twine 1.4, but you may need to use Firefox to test your games.

Twine Tutorials

Twine Resources

CSS Tutorials + Learning

CSS Resources

Renpy Tutorials

Renpy Resources


If you have any resource suggestions, please don't hesitate to add to this thread!

Productivity Apps and Time Management Tools

Task Management

  • Any.do (web, ios) - simple to do app with different checklists and reminders
  • Trello (web, ios, android) - organizational app with lists of different cards which can attach checklists, notes, and pictures (example of how J uses trello)
  • Google Keep (web, ios, android) - simple notes and checklists
  • Wunderlist (web, ios, android, win, mac, linux) - versatile to do app with checklists, notes, reminders, and sharing
  • Todoist (web, ios, android, win, mac, linux) - to do app that can share tasks and reminders, and track productivity
  • Habitica (formerly HabitRPG) (web, ios, android) - game-ified to do app with checklists, dailies, habits, and collaboration

Time Management

Reading Material

Pomodoro Tools - 25 minutes of focus with 5 minutes of break

We slashed some of the agile scrum tools because they tend to be too heavy for a 2 week jam. If you have any other productivity app suggestions, reply to this thread!
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RPGMaker resource post

Website store - Steam listings

Pixel art programs


RPGMaker 2003




RPGMaker VX Ace




Still under construction! Throw resources suggestions in the replies.

Gamemaker Resources Post


Runs on: Windows

Games playable on: Windows, Mac (Mac required for export)

With paid license, games playable on: Linux, Web (html5), Android, iOS, Windows phone


Shaun Spalding


Other tutorials

Useful resources
If you have any resource suggestions, please don't hesitate to add to this thread!

the idea of a game jam is to create a game in a limited amount of time (and two weeks is pretty generous). it's scary and exciting with the deadline but it's encouraging because many other people are working in the same time. especially with a jam so focused on learning new things, experimenting, and taking first steps, we have quite a few jammers who try stuff out a few days before the jam.

we encourage you to work within the time confines of the jam (making the game in two weeks isn't the focus, it's making it in the two weeks with everyone else that's cool), but we won't ban a project because you might have tested a thing or two beforehand. this is especially if you're away from a computer or workspace during the jam timeline.

Unity Resource Post


Official tutorials

Sebastian Lague

Other tutorials

Useful resources

This is a work in progress, so feel free to add more for this list!