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amazing game, I loved it. 

a cute game and amazing mechanics, art, and sounds. you guys did a great job. best of luck

Good game guys, you did an amazing job. the level design was amazing the controls were smooth and the art was great. looking forward to seeing this game published someday. best of luck.

A game worth playing and I loved the puzzles. best of luck.

amazing art and amazing music. you guys did a good job and I wish you the best of luck.

good game, good luck.

Good job guys, such a fantastic game.

very beautiful game well done <3 

thank you Cuz

nice work :) 

at what cost ........... 

loved the animation :) 

why you didnt help the poor guy? still 5/5 .

this game is so deep....

love it :)

love the idea of this game Harmless enemies..... you guys left me wonder ... is it because you are sending a message or you didnt know how to make the enemy do damge. no matte what the answer you made two levels which i love it and the idea of the game and name of the game just perfect 5/5.  "Mk Ratings" .

it brought tears to my eyes... this game is so emotional .... love it .

i would give it 10 stars but there is only five so i give 5 :) well done .

cool game ;D 

an intersting game :)

thank you a lot loved your games too :)

fun game :)