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Hey, danke! Wir waren dieses Mal auch relativ zufrieden.😁

Once in a while it has to be. 😁

Moin! Thank you for your extensive feedback! Did we give away too much? We thought that the "Paper of Truth" would be ominous enough, and we really needed a suitable subtitle for this game. 😁

We have a pause menu in our current version of the game, so it will be in the "after-jam-version". Background music is one of our main weaknesses right now, we definitely need to work on that.

Moin! Thank you for your feedback! Yeah, we thought that it would be more fun if you don't have to think your ammunition all the time, but now the enemies are not really threatening. Maybe we can tweak this part a little more. We talked about a bossfight in the last level, but as we have still a big project in development and some minor stuff besides it this feature was not feasible for us in that jam time.

At first, thank you for your feedback. The points you have mentioned are on our list of things we want to fix after the voting has ended. We are happy to hear that you have enjoyed our game. :D

Thanks for your kind words! We want to balance the weapons and add a shotgun sound after the voting period has ended.

We wanted to export a platform-independent HTML5 version, but in the end our time ran out. We just managed to export for Linux and Windows, as these are our test-systems.

Thank you! We want to add ammunition for the shotgun and machine gun so they are a bit more balanced.  And don't be sorry for the mummies. They want you to feel sorry and then they will get you... :D

Moin! The game's humour is great. This face made me thinking of a placeholder in one of our games all the time. 😁 Maybe you could implement a time indication so the player knows how much time is left.

Moin! I really like the feeling of the game. After a few minutes I got a little stressed when a pigeon came up to me. 😀 My sense of orientation is not very good, so I quickly got lost. Maybe you could add some signs to point the way or a little minimap.

Thanks for your kind words! As with a few other things, we ran out of time with this, but we definitely want to add an option to configure the printer speed.

Thanks! ^^

We... actually forgot to remove the hints once a research area is completed... 😶

Thanks for mentioning that! That needs to be reworked..

Glad you like it! We thought about a tutorial, but then we ran out of time even with the gameplay stuff and decided to explain the controls right on the game page, but it might actually be better if we would add some instructions into the game itself.

Yes, you are on the right track! When designing the game we had Plague Inc in mind and decided to show the situation from the other side.

The research feature is actually still a problem. In the last few hours of the jam we came a little under time pressure and couldn't implement the notification about the costs of Research Points for your research. Right now the research will cost you the displayed amount of money plus ten Research Points. You see your current number of Research Points on the right screen in the lower left corner.

Thanks for the compliment! We used this jam to try out some new shaders and UI theme stuff and it worked surprisingly well. ^^ 

I would suggest that you could ride with a tuna into your
destiny :D But I know what you mean because we have no real objective other than throwing stuff around. Its more a techdemo we submitted to the Mix and Game Jam.


Glad you liked it. Yeah... The setup screen was a bit rushed, but we are woring on it.

Thank you! We got inspired by Smash Bros. as we all like to play it from time to time.

We are happy to hear that you had fun!

Thanks for your feedback! Unluckily we had no more time to polish the controls. And the Interface. And the sounds... we have a long list to work through. ^^

Glad you love it! We actually have no goal in this "game". Finally it was more a tech demo than a game, because we focused on the physgun as the core mechanic and didn't want to distract from it. 

 Thank you!

 But... but it's a tuna... anyway, we are happy to hear you like it!

Thanks! And yeah, instead of adding an objective we focused on the mechanic itself and made a kind of a tech demo for it. We're actually planning on implementing a minigame with this mechanic.

Speaking from experience, there is nothing like "too much Garry's mod". ;D
Thanks for your feedback!

That's the way a physgun works! But the real way to get forward is on the back of a tuna!


Thank you for your kind words! :V

We're happy to hear that!

Glad you had fun!

We‘ve been thinking about a timer, but then there wouldn‘t be such an explosive effect, when you‘re spawing a large amount of items at the same time. Maybe we should just add a button for this option so that you can choose for yourself.  

Glad that you've enjoyed it!

Thanks for your feedback! Yeah, something with the controls is a bit off. 

The gameplay is inspired by flash based launch-games (e.g. Learn to Fly, Into Space, Flight) some of us played an eternity ago. Glad you like it!

Thank you for the hint! It seems like we didn't properly adjust the winning-function for the moon-level...


You're right! We've forgotten to disable the upgrade-buttons when reaching the last upgrade-level.

Thank you for your feedback! We had even prepared some sound files (there is a sound based on an actual rocket recording in the repository). But then we ran out of time and couldn't implement it properly.