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I love everything about it - the VA, the music, the animations, the art, the story. Kudos!

Awww, thanks!

I've just posted a new dog dating sim. It's light, cute and funny and totally free! Please do check it out!

This is beautifully hilarious! I really love all of the aspects of it - the great art, the quirky music, the hilarious writing! Thank you for creating this!

Very nicely done! I loved the subtle voice acting touches, the art, the story, everything!

This was really fun! I loved all of the clever puzzles!

Beautiful and stunning, with just the right amount of weird!

Wow, what a beautiful game! It's polished and gorgeous and lovely. Thanks for making it!

I really liked this! The art, the music, and the story were all superb! It was fun getting to try and figure out how best to solve the mystery and the timer encouraged me to act fast!

I loved this game. It's short, but absolutely wonderful. The tone is so amazingly creepy, the artwork gorgeous, and the music perfect. Thanks for making it!

Thanks for making this! I found the story cute and the artwork great. I only wish there was more of it!

I think the windows one. (Although I could be wrong.) It's hardly horrible, just I could see it being annoying if I didn't already have Renpy installed. :)

I found this game really charming and quite well done (especially for what I'm guessing was a month long game? I'm impressed!) I did find it a bit odd in that it didn't seem compiled (so I ran it through Ren'Py). Also died on my first run through, but hoping to make it to the ending on my second! Great work!

Oh, not a problem at all! (I just wanted to mention it as I was looking up something else entirely and saw something that might work as a fix, so figured I'd throw it out there. I'd definitely prefer anything I do to not have bugs if at all possible!)

So, I think I may have found a solution to the flicker issue you're having! I'm happy to implement if you're willing to be a guinea pig for me (unfortunately, since I wasn't having the error on my own computer, I can't personally test whether the fix works or not! But I'm happy to send along an updated file and see if it resolves the problem for you.) Let me know your thoughts!

Argh, sorry about the flickers! It seems to be a new bug, so I  may have to reach out to you on that one!

As far as the fights go, there are four main ones: the dragon, the guard, the evil sorcerer, and your boss. The dragon is pretty early (basically you just have to fight the dragon vs. talk it down from attacking you). Guard and sorcerer are near the end of the game. Fighting your boss happens any time you irritate her too much and she decides you're no longer a worthy minion!

(Thanks for the comment and Youtube!)

Thanks for the review!

Thanks so much for playing and reviewing! Let me know if I can update the main page in some way to give players a better idea as to what to expect! (I figure that it's always great to let people know what they're getting into!)

Hey everyone! I just published a free fantasy/humor visual novel on Twitch. Please check it out if you  have time an leave me a comment. (It's always great to hear what's working/not working!) A link to it is over at:

Minion! is a humorous visual novel expected to take 15-30 minutes per play through. It has over 100 choices that lead to 11 unique endings!