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It's hard to go wrong with dog dating games. :)

And I'll play around a bit with a .gif export. I don't think it should be too hard (since it's something that exists within Python from what I can recall), although sometimes the simplest seeming things get difficult. Similar with the printer friendly and all. It seems like it *should* be easy, but I've been fooled before. :)

Oh well. Off to tinker next weekend with character builders. :) Thank you yet again for all of your comments!

Oh, always! I posted this (even though it's very simple) with the hopes that it would get some feedback that I could use to improve upon it for the later game. :) (And such thorough feedback is very much appreciated!)

As far as a basic paper doll maker goes, I could probably also create an export function (pdf or gif or something), which might be interesting as well.

I was planning on having a name entry field in the game, but like the idea of displaying it on the screen while building the character.  Good idea. :)

And maybe I can figure out age lines at least. (Or hunt down an artist or reach out to the one who created the sprite to begin with.) I agree that it's nice having a few choices as far as faces/ages/etc. go. (It's just always a bit challenging since my skills are very much not in the art department.) And it's also something that might be able to be implemented in a final game. (In large part, this was just an attempt to learn more about how to use the layers function within Ren'Py and see if I could implement something that works. It's easier than I'd thought it would be, so I could see doing something fancier as I fiddle around with it a bit more.

Thanks! It was a weekend project, so I'm still fiddling a bit with it. (All the more so as I'm not sure whether this is even the layered character I'd keep long term.) But thoughts are always welcome as hopefully it means that whatever I end up with long term will be all the better!

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OMG, you are awesome! I appreciate all of your comments. <3

The character won't be lost in the actual game. (The reason for using the build I did is that it should be easy to carry it onto whatever game I eventually import it into as it's saved as a layered image. I could probably create an export feature in this game, but as it's designed as a precursor to other things I haven't put in the work for yet.)

I've been fiddling around about a bit with the idea of including a color scheme for clothes/skin/eyes. Since it's a base layer, I think I could manage it. (And it would give a lot of options.) I also love the randomize idea!

I'm not sure what I can do in this game with wrinkles/chin/other facial stuff/ more outfits (since I am completely incapable of drawing), but I will see whether maybe I can find an artist for future games who's willing to play with layers. Regardless, I really love the input! (And what I should ask for if I ever do end up partnering with an artist.)

And yes, the screen is pretty primitive. I mostly am just screwing around with the prefix to a (hopefully) good game. But I very, very much love your detailed commentary. You are a deeply kind (if semi-casual complainer) .<3

Thanks! And yeah, using only CC artwork is always a bit of a challenge (sometimes you desperately want an image that you can't find anywhere). But I'm glad that the sort of odd ball concept worked! Your awesome sprite definitely helped. She's so adorable!

Hi! I've finished the game and posted it here: (It's free to play, so feel free to check out and let me know your thoughts. Again, thank you for the awesome sprite!)

Awww, thanks! I'm glad you found it cute (that was the goal!)

It was meant to be a short little game, but I could see doing a longer version at some point with more dogs if for some reason this ever becomes wildly popular. :)

I'd love to do CGs, too.  Unfortunately, as a free to play game, I can't afford to pay thousands of dollars for art assets. :( (If you or someone else know someone eager to do free art or who is eager to fund a Kickstarter campaign, of course, that would be awesome! But I'm not holding my breath on either...)

I appreciate the comment, though!

I will definitely do so! (I can link to it here or message you or whatever works best!)

I LOVE this sprite. :) She is so expressive and gorgeous. I suspect I will be using her in an upcoming point and click game. I'll let you know when it's finished in case you're interested in viewing it! (Thank you so much for sharing your awesome work!)

Awww, thank you so much for the kind words! I'm not currently working on a sequel, although I'm mulling on the idea a bit.

(And no worries! I'm not spying on anyone!)

Oh thanks! CGs will probably never be added as the cost of doing so is really high (and unfortunately as a free to play game, I have no anticipation of making money, so spending significantly more makes no sense to me!)

The initial game also is supposed to end very quickly. If you continue playing, something else will happen. ;)

Thank you again for playing and commenting! I really appreciate your feedback! (It'll help if I ever get around to making another game!)

I played and honestly? This is one of the cutest things I've seen in a while. I really loved the cat. (I talk to my dog like this, so it feels so real!)

Also the art and animations are phenomenal. They work so well with the game! Kudos! I can't wait to see more by you!!!!

Oh wow. This was cute, heart warming, and remarkably sexy all the same. I really loved this. Great job!

This is one of the  more unique and peculiar visual novels I've come across. It's really intriguing. (I think mostly in a good way, although at some level, I'm still trying to wrap my head around the whole thing.) It's unique, which is hard to find, so kudos on that! (And I will be playing more and maybe commenting further if I can parse together more impressive thoughts! But  yes, I definitely see a resemblance to "the Screwtape Letters" which is a high compliment indeed!)

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Awww, thanks! I really love Brooke, too! I'm glad that you enjoyed playing it as well as the writing/concept!

(And yes, my abilities with graphical design are sadly a bit lacking! But I'm hoping to improve and maybe I'll figure out something cool to do with the UI next game!)

Thank you for playing and commenting!

I really liked this game! Cool dialogue options and an amazing story with great characters!

I was initially drawn to this for the artwork, but loved the cute and funny storyline. It's a short VN, but that only gives me a reason to replay it a few dozen times. Thanks for the many chuckles!

So far, it's delightful!

Gorgeous artwork! I love how expressive they all look. :)

I love everything about it - the VA, the music, the animations, the art, the story. Kudos!

Awww, thanks!

I've just posted a new dog dating sim. It's light, cute and funny and totally free! Please do check it out!

This is beautifully hilarious! I really love all of the aspects of it - the great art, the quirky music, the hilarious writing! Thank you for creating this!

Very nicely done! I loved the subtle voice acting touches, the art, the story, everything!

Beautiful and stunning, with just the right amount of weird!

Wow, what a beautiful game! It's polished and gorgeous and lovely. Thanks for making it!

I really liked this! The art, the music, and the story were all superb! It was fun getting to try and figure out how best to solve the mystery and the timer encouraged me to act fast!

I loved this game. It's short, but absolutely wonderful. The tone is so amazingly creepy, the artwork gorgeous, and the music perfect. Thanks for making it!

Thanks for making this! I found the story cute and the artwork great. I only wish there was more of it!

I think the windows one. (Although I could be wrong.) It's hardly horrible, just I could see it being annoying if I didn't already have Renpy installed. :)

I found this game really charming and quite well done (especially for what I'm guessing was a month long game? I'm impressed!) I did find it a bit odd in that it didn't seem compiled (so I ran it through Ren'Py). Also died on my first run through, but hoping to make it to the ending on my second! Great work!

Oh, not a problem at all! (I just wanted to mention it as I was looking up something else entirely and saw something that might work as a fix, so figured I'd throw it out there. I'd definitely prefer anything I do to not have bugs if at all possible!)

So, I think I may have found a solution to the flicker issue you're having! I'm happy to implement if you're willing to be a guinea pig for me (unfortunately, since I wasn't having the error on my own computer, I can't personally test whether the fix works or not! But I'm happy to send along an updated file and see if it resolves the problem for you.) Let me know your thoughts!

Argh, sorry about the flickers! It seems to be a new bug, so I  may have to reach out to you on that one!

As far as the fights go, there are four main ones: the dragon, the guard, the evil sorcerer, and your boss. The dragon is pretty early (basically you just have to fight the dragon vs. talk it down from attacking you). Guard and sorcerer are near the end of the game. Fighting your boss happens any time you irritate her too much and she decides you're no longer a worthy minion!

(Thanks for the comment and Youtube!)

Thanks for the review!

Thanks so much for playing and reviewing! Let me know if I can update the main page in some way to give players a better idea as to what to expect! (I figure that it's always great to let people know what they're getting into!)