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The art is so beautiful! I came here from YouTube, I'm very impressed by the way it looks, excellent work! :D

I don't know if you're continuing to work on the game but a couple quality-of-life things would improve the experience of the game I think, like the ability to tilt the camera up when the car is angled toward the ground, and being able to press ESC to quit. But if you're all done with this project, that's ok!

Hi there, I'm having trouble running the full version of System Fault on Windows. I bought it through the Itch app. I have the built in text-to-speech Narrator turned on. When I launch System Fault, it doesn't do anything, it just says Not Responding. Do you have any suggestions?

Just finished Windows version 2.0! It was fun!

At first I tried it with keyboard and mouse and it felt terrible. Jumping and magnet throwing were really hard, and I couldn't figure out what to do. I did 2 or three levels like that. I switched to Xbox controller and suddenly it was like I was a much better player! I went through the first few levels really fast! The last few levels required more time and thought. I liked that I could go out and try a different level and come back. The last level was especially tricky but solving it felt good!

There were a couple places where I got stuck, like in the button pit in the last level. It's good that it's obvious how to restart the level, but I wonder if a ladder could be added there to make a smoother experience.

It was not obvious to me how to access the options using the XBox controller. It took a minute of fiddling.

I appreciate the colour and accessibility options!

My assumption about the restart button is that you have to hold it down because you don't want to press it by accident. It'll be good later on when I imagine there'll be an animation showing your progress toward restarting. 

(Oh dear I just realized I was supposed to aim with the mouse. That's probably why I had such a hard time lol.)

Like someone else said, I also didn't realize for a while that the magnet could go through the bar.

Great work! Looking forward to more!

Oh, I see! Thanks for getting back to me! Just to clarify, is there any downside to using more time loops? Like if a child or pet needs attention and you just don’t do anything for a bunch of loops. Do you get a worse ending or anything? 

Hi there, I'm really enjoying this game! I'm partway through the "wasting away" section and it's very exciting and challenging!

My question is, is there a way to pause? (Other than hovering over tutorial text in the levels that have it.) Pressing Escape doesn't pause. Alt-tabbing away doesn't pause. Even if I press Exit and am asked if I'm sure I want to exit, it still doesn't pause. Just want to check if I'm missing something. Thanks!

I downloaded from (not Steam) and am on Windows 10  Home.

That was such a beautiful game and a lovely experience! It starts gently and the difficulty curve is excellent. The visuals and music are so calm and pretty. A few friends and I played it at the same time and it was so fun comparing where we were at (and occasionally asking each other for little hints on extra tough levels). It's nice that you can skip a level or two if you get stuck. The last level is locked until you do everything else, and isn't that hard compared to the previous ones, it's more of a victory lap, and then there's a beautiful song during the credits! Loved it! Really excellently done!

I have finished the demo and found it very fun and challenging! Some of the levels require quite a bit of thought, so it's very rewarding to figure them out. Excellently done!

I enjoyed that game, it was fun! I liked how things ramp up gradually. The graphics and music were fun. The bit with the enemy with the red beam, who you have to go back for by going around the top of the level, that was a great moment. Excellent work!